• A Message from the Chief

    William Caritj
    Chief Accountability Officer
    Our schools have come a long way in recent decades. Once stand-alone community hubs, they are now large, complex, ever-evolving businesses that must provide the same level of service, access to digital tools and timely information our students and parents experience in everyday life.
    As CEO of Hewlett Packard  Meg Whitman says so succinctly: "In order to thrive in this new era, enterprises must build flexible IT infrastructures, find valuable insights in data, proactively deal with cyber threats, and provide rich digital experiences, anywhere and on any device."
    Schools (and school districts) are no different and at APS we've structured our Accountability and Information Technology division to meet those objectives.
    • Virtually every business function in schools today is automated and all of these platforms and technologies rely on a robust, backbone of infrastructure.
    • Everything we produce, install, implement and build requires careful, future-thinking strategy and planning.
    • The 21st Century Classroom initiative demands the best, most flexible technology alongside instructional technology programs to provide the services, educational content and inviting user experiences our students and their parents expect.
    • And we rely on the collection and analysis of data and information to serve our students and guide our efforts to continually grow our capabilities and improve our educational offerings.
    We take our role and responsibility in helping to create a robust, safe, horizon-seeking learning environment for our students seriously. And we are fortunate to benefit from partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, world-class colleges and universities, many smaller locally-owned businesses, community leaders, and partnerships with colleagues and friends from nearby school systems who share our commitment.
    Large, complex, ever-evolving. And still a community. This is Accountability and Information Technology at APS.