Assistant Principal


    Craig Simmons

    Craig Simmons, Interim Assistant Principal  


    It is my pleasure to serve as Finch’s interim assistant principal. I’ve spent most of my life in public schools. From being a student to a teacher, I’ve been a public school stakeholder for more than thirty years. In my eighteen years as an educator--twelve as a classroom teacher and six in various school-based leadership roles--I’ve worked at both the elementary and middle school levels. Because I’ve spent most of my life in public schools and have a passion for teaching and learning, I’m committed to adding value to every school that I serve. And for now, that school is Finch Elementary.

    My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from Wayne State University, a Master in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College, and an Education Specialist degree in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University.

    Like my commitment to public schools and obtaining higher education, I’m committed to the profession. To positively impact teaching and learning on a global scale, I share my experiences and what I’ve learned with other educators by writing professional articles--seven of which have been published by ASCD (Advanced Supervision of Curriculum and Development).

    I believe ALL students deserve a high-quality education. I believe ALL students CAN learn at high levels. I believe that Finch WILL be one of the best elementary schools in the state of Georgia. 

    I look forward to working with the stakeholders of Finch Elementary. Together, we will become the best!