Windows 10 General Questions

    What is Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system. It comes with several new features, enhanced security and more flexibility to share information and files with peers and across devices.

    What’s the difference between Windows 10 and Office 2016?

    Windows 10 is the operating system, the primary software on your computer that makes sure all the other programs work together cohesively.

    Office 2016 is a suite of tools you need – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access – to create, present, communicate and publish.

    What’s the difference between an operating system and an internet browser?

    An operating system (like Windows 10) defines the look and feel of your computer experience and manages the programs and hardware on your computer or device.

    An internet browser (like Internet Explorer 11) is a tool you to surf the internet.

    What’s new in Windows 10?

    So much. Take a look at the APS Windows 10 Resources & Quick Sheets page for detailed information on the new tools and services that will be available to you.


    Windows 10 Upgrade Questions

    When will the upgrade happen and how long will they take?

    Upgrades have already started rolling out and will happen over the next several months. (You’ll get an email soon, inviting you to sign up!) The upgrade itself is a quick overnight process.

    I like the operating system I have now (e.g. Windows 7). Can I keep it?

    For now, sure! Eventually, everyone will have to upgrade because Microsoft will stop supporting earlier versions. That’s not today, however.

    What are the new tools and services available to me with the Windows 10 and Office 2016 upgrade?

    There are several that might interest you.

    With Windows 10, you’ll notice a refreshed Start Menu, alongside tools like Task View, Virtual Desktops, Snap Assist and Cortana, your personal digital assistant. Learn more here.

    Office 2016 offers several collaboration enhancements that should make life easier for everyone. Experience real-time co-authoring of documents, simplified document sharing and the ability to share large files via OneDrive, Skype integration, strong cross-device support and more. Check out some of the best features here.  

    View the APS Windows 10 Resources & Quick Sheets page for information and guidance.

    How do I customize the tiles in my Start Menu?

    There are many ways for you to customize your Start Menu. Here’s a rundown to help you get started. 

    If I have more than one work station or district-administered computer, will all of them be upgraded?

    Yes. After you sign up and are assigned your upgrade date, communicate with tech support to tell them of your multiple devices.

    When the upgrade happens, will I still have access to the same printers/scanners/fax machines I have currently?

    Yes, you will still have access to the same printers/scanners/fax machines you currently use.  Your Field Tech can support you with this process.


    Windows 10 Training Questions

    When and where will trainings be offered? How long will they take?

    Trainings will occur in central locations throughout the district such as CLL, ISC, and local schools.  The trainings range from 2.5 hours for the overview session up to 4 hours for the intermediate/advanced courses.

    Will there be advanced trainings on the new system offered through MyPLC?

    Yes, advanced trainings will be offered.


    Questions for school-based staff

    How will this upgrade help make a positive impact/improvement on the delivery of instruction?

    This update will help to create a more productive and  collaborative learning environment with the use of Office 2016 app collaboration with teachers and students as well as the ability to save documents automatically with OneDrive. Windows 10 and Office 2016 also offer inking capabilities that provide a different interaction with the content

    Will this upgrade impact our student grading system?

    No, you will continue to access and use student information systems as you have previously.

    If the trainings are held after school hours, will I be compensated?  

    Trainings will not take place after school hours unless requested by principals and then it can take place during a staff meeting.  However, we recommend that the trainings take place during the day during PLC meetings.  

    How will we be able to deliver instruction if the upgrades and training take place during the school day?

    Upgrades will take place overnight and will not interrupt instruction.

    View the classes and training page to view the multiple training offerings, including on-demand and in person training.


    Questions for admin/support staff

    How will this upgrade help me do my job better?

    With the enhanced collaboration, communication and publishing tools, this upgrade should help make your day more efficient, increase your productivity,  and give your work greater impact.

    If the trainings are held after work hours, will I be compensated?

    The plan is to hold all CCL training during the work day and will be holding on-demand training via video, as well.