• Summer Hours 2021  

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Why is APS providing different summer work schedule options?

    Answer: The district is already providing a one-day-per-week telework option and has historically provided a 4-day week option with Fridays off. An additional option of Mondays off on the 4-day week is being provided this year in response to feedback from employees about the need for more flexible options.

    2. Will the district be closed the week of July 4th?

    Answer: This year, the district will remain open the week of July 4th, except Monday, July 5th, which is a holiday on the work calendar.

    3. Will I be able to take leave during the week of July 4th?

    Answer: Normal leave policies and procedures apply for Summer Hours 2021. Employees should submit their requests for annual leave to the supervisor at least one week before their desired leave date. For more information, please see Annual Leave in the Board Policy Manual, Section 4. Personnel & Talent Management, Title: GARH-R (9) Leaves and Absences – Personal and Annual Leave.

    4. Who will be impacted by the summer work schedule?

    Answer: Most annual duty employees will participate in the summer work schedule. Some hourly and annual employees will be designated in advance to work a full 5 days per week as needed.

    5. Why is APS restricting leave July 19 through July 30?

    Answer: Leave will be restricted for essential employees between July 19th through July 30 to ensure that everyone who is needed for a successful Day One 2021 implementation will be at work. The two weeks before school starts have historically been designated as a blackout period for leave.

    6. Is the summer work schedule now a part of our APS work calendar?

    Answer: No, the flexibility in work hours for staff does not require a change in the work calendar. Employees are still expected to work the total 37.5 hours per week that are designated on the calendar. Work calendars can be located at https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/compensation.

    7. Will employees be able to telework during the summer work schedule?

    Answer: Employees on the 5-day schedule will be able to telework for one day per week. We have not approved any 5-day-per-week telework arrangements beyond May 31, 2021.

    8. Why isn’t there an option for employees to work a 4-day work week with one day per week telework?

    Answer: The available workweek options provide the same number of days (4) in the office for all annual duty staff. Employees who want to telework one day a week should stay in the current 5-day workweek option.

    9. In the past, the district would be closed one day a week during the summer hours. Based on this schedule below, it looks like the district will be open 5-days a week.

    Answer: Yes, the district will remain open Monday through Friday between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

    10. How much discretion does a supervisor have with approving their employee’s summer schedule? Could a supervisor allow an employee to work a 4-day workweek with one day of telework?

    Answer: Supervisors can only approve one of the three established workweek options with one of the five schedule options. Schedules will be set up in advance in Kronos; therefore, mixing-and-matching is not allowed.

    11. Who may I contact if I have questions?

    Answer: Please email all questions to FourDayWorkWeek@atlanta.k12.ga.us