• Spring Musical Theatre Production

    Smith on Stage sponsors an annual Musical Theatre Show or Musical Revue. An audition is required for all students interested in participating in this production. Auditions are held before the Holiday break usually in December. The production will be in late spring and rehearsals begin in early January. The schedule is put together according to scenes - you must attend only when your scenes / songs are rehearsed. A normal rehearsal week includes Vocals on Monday, Choreography on Tuesday, Stage Direction on Wednesday. Thursdays will be scheduled as needed throughout the production. For more information, please contact Tim Spraggins.

    Students will be given a song to prepare for the audition. Three songs will be on an approved list. The song will be performed for a panel of judges (see directors/sponsors). The song (excerpt) must performed with the provided sound track. Students are adjudicated on tone quality, pitch, rhythm, breath support and management, stage presence, and overall performance. Students may also be asked to do a "cold" reading from the production. In other words, you will not know what the reading will be until you are asked to read your part and interact with another actor. Parents are expected to serve as volunteers for the production.


    Tim Spraggins

    Latricia Henson

    Susan Moccia

    Elaine Goldberg