• Summer Hours 2020

     Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is APS instituting a summer work schedule?

    The summer work schedule will ensure employees have an uninterrupted vacation similar to the Spring and Winter breaks. Additionally, this will allow the district to continue supporting the APS mission while providing additional hours for our parents and stakeholders to do business with us outside of the standard workday.

    Why is the district mandating that I use my annual leave during the closure June 29 - July 3, 2020?

    This decision was reached in order to align annual employees’ vacation calendars to ensure two things:

    1. The work that is required of all us to prepare for Day One and the next school year is not delayed due to unevenly distributed employee absences during the summer.

    2. Annual employees have an uninterrupted break to relax and return ready to prepare for Day One.

    Who will be impacted by the summer work schedule? 

    Most annual employees will participate in the summer work schedule. Some hourly and annual employees designated as essential may be required to work during the week of June 29 - July 3. These employees will be notified by their supervisors. 

    Why is APS restricting leave July 27 through August 10, 2020? 

    Leave will be restricted for essential employees between July 27 through August 10 to ensure that everyone who is needed for a successful Day One 2020 implementation is at work. 

    May I use my personal leave, if I don’t have enough annual leave? 

    Yes. Employees can use personal leave to supplement their annual leave. 

    If I use all my personal leave during the one-week closure, what will I do when I need a personal day during the school year? Can I use a sick day? 

    Any accrued annual leave may be used for personal time off. Sick leave cannot be used to cover for personal leave. Please see annual leave accrual rates in the Board Policy Manual, Section 4. Personnel & Talent Management, Title: GARH-R (9) Leaves and Absences - Personal and Annual Leave

    Is the summer work schedule now a part of our APS master calendar? 

    Yes, we will implement a modified summer work schedule each year. 

    Will business travel be limited during the one-week closure? 

    Since staff would be limited to support travel card issues during the summer work schedule, employees are encouraged to confirm available funds on their travel cards, review the expiration date and ensure that they have activated their card prior to departure. 

    What if I don’t have enough leave annual leave or personal leave? Will I see a deduction in my pay? 

    An employee who does not have enough annual leave to cover June 29, June 30, July 1, and July 2, must use personal leave to cover any annual leave shortage. Plan ahead, conserve your leave, as employees who do not have enough annual or personal leave will be docked for these days. 

    I am a new employee. I have not had enough time to plan ahead to conserve annual leave days and I have zero personal days. Will my pay be docked for those days? 

    Employees hired after March 1, 2020, who do not have enough annual or personal leave to cover these days will be loaned leave days and will not see their paychecks reduced. However, if employees leave the district before they have repaid the borrowed leave, their final paycheck will be reduced for the number of days owed.

    I like the four-day workweeks. Why can’t we have more?

    Summer school obligations and the need to prepare for Day One prevent us from scheduling more than three four-day workweeks. 

    Who may I contact if I have questions? 

    Please email all questions to FourDayWorkWeek.