• Inclusion Policy


    Students entering Benteen Elementary School come with a range of backgrounds, interests, and cultures. It is Benteen’s intention to empower students with the confidence, build dimensions to their intellect, and develop their social skills in order to excel and prosper. We aim to develop, foster, and elevate student independence, responsibility, and academic skills. We also incorporate heights of social and emotional learning for holistic development in student lives at the school and in the home.




    The Inclusion Policy describes the way we meet the needs for our students. Our goal is to encourage teachers, parents, students, and community members to embrace diversity and celebrate the unique contributions of all people.  Creating an inclusive school environment is critical because children around the world are often excluded from school due to poverty, ability, race, religion, non-binary, or gender. Benteen believes that every child should have the opportunity to thrive in a diverse inclusive school environment where students can learn, grow and develop side by side.  


    Our practices are supported by:

    1. Fostering the development of children by creating a safe environment, promoting, and having a sense of belonging. 
    2. Providing a world-class education that prepares students to become leaders of tomorrow with help to drive our inclusive practices
    3. Providing inclusive teaching practices to enable the development of respect and social relationships with students and staff.  
    4. Collaborative planning amongst grades incorporating differentiation for student learning needs and learning styles.
    5. Collaborative measures such as Professional Learning Communities 

    Staff Development and Collaboration

    Benteen’s staff members come from various backgrounds and cultures. All staff members that serve our diverse population are involved in inclusion. Staff members are Kindergarten through fifth-grade teachers, Co-Teachers, Support Specialists, and Special Area Teachers. Support for the collaboration comes from the administration team. Administration sets collaborative teams for teachers in the form of planning Professional Learning Communities. Planning takes place weekly through 90-minute blocks of time. During this time, teachers are able to sort through research-based ideas, communicate thoughts, and plan for differentiated instruction accordingly. Planning also takes place once a week after school where specialty area teachers and support staff generate ideas on inclusive practices for the instruction of diverse learners. Daily collaboration between teachers includes support within the classrooms through push-in and pull-out lessons when necessary for remediation or enrichment.

    Models & Support

    Benteen Elementary supports one model based out of the concept of inclusion. In the Push-In model, students remain in their core academic classes and the support specialist teachers come into the classroom to provide instruction alongside the general education teacher. The push-in support specialist brings the instruction and any necessary materials to the student. These models are used within the academic content areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies. Both teachers collaboratively work together to meet the needs of all learners within each classroom setting. Students are able to work one on one or in small groups with the Specialist teacher to deepen their academic learning. Within this model, students are grouped in various capacities depending on the need. Methods such as homogeneous, heterogeneous, learning style, skill, or strategy help support the academic direction the students need to attain mastery of or to stretch their academic attainment. The models support student learning in multiple ways.



    All students have access to receive inclusion services. All students have opportunities and are exposed to the academic content of both teachers within a general classroom setting. However, the process of inclusion service looks different for Special Needs, ESOL, and Gifted. Students with Special needs, ESOL, and Gifted partake in instruction within the Push-In. 


    Communication is a vital role of parental development within Benteen Elementary school parents and the community. Constant communication is provided daily online portals such as Class Dojo and weekly with flyers and posters. Flyers and posters are displayed throughout the school and sent home weekly to ensure parents are informed through multiple avenues. In the students' folders, parents receive communication of academic priorities for the students and upcoming events. Communication is also delivered quarterly to parents through student-led conferences. Students facilitate a meeting with their parents or family and teachers. During this time, students share his or her portfolio of work and discuss their academic progress with their family members. Additionally, Benteen offers quarterly parental workshops to support the needs of the parent within the home. These workshops also encompass support from the district ESOL Department to translate for parent understanding and clarity. 

    Policy Review 


    This policy was created by the Benteen Pedagogical IB Leadership Team.  This policy received input from parents, the community, and staff.  Only this committee may change, revise, or alter this policy for Benteen Elementary.  This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.


    Frederick W. Benteen Elementary Inclusion Policy Created Fall 2020