• Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism educates students on the basics of marketing and business in relation to the hospitality, recreation, and tourism industry in the U.S. and abroad. Students will study destination geography, world economies, and historical timelines related to major segments of the hospitality industry. Students will determine how the lodging industry uses marketing to achieve goals. The vital roles of group, convention and meeting planning, human relations, communications and ethics will be discussed along with the recreation industry segment. 

    Why should the student attend your pathway?

    Students should attend the Hospitality, Recreation & Toursim Pathway because it offers exciting career opportunities for those who love to travel, explore places and cultures; are energentic and active; have a passion for people and the service that you provide while having fun doing so; careers that are diverse and global.


    What are some potential careers and salary for this pathway?

    Possible careers are in financial management, marketing management, event management, entertainment and recreation management

    Median Salary:

    Event Manager $51,000

    Financial Manager $129,000

    Travel Agent $41,000

    Marketing Manager $134,000

    Entertainment and Recreation Manager $100,000

    Advertising and Promotions Managers $127,000


    Hospitality, Recreation, and Toursim Open House Presentation, Click Here . 


    Hospitality, Recreation, and Toursim Pathway courses 

    Marketing Principles

    Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Essentials

    Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management