About Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the basic processes and principles of a criminal investigation. Students will learn the legal responsibilities and challenges of the patrol officer, investigator, and crime scene technician at a crime scene. Students will learn the importance of preserving and documenting the crime scene along with the identification, collection, and processing of evidence and the contribution to the criminal investigation.

    Why students should select and participate in your pathway: Are you interested in a career that is exciting and has numerous paths you can follow? If you answered yes, then criminal investigations is for you! Typically, when people think of criminal investigations, they think of law enforcement and although this pathway can lead to that there are numerous options available to you. If you aspire to be a lawyer, border patrol agent, FBI profiler, intelligence research operations specialist, or serologist then this class is for you! If you read this and want to learn more about the careers listed this class is for you! I look forward to meeting you and spreading my knowledge about this exciting field. 

    • Potential careers and salary for your pathway:
      • Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officers, $29,710/annual 
      • Forensic Science Technician, $59,150/annual
      • Judges and Hearing Officers, $120,090/annual
      • Fire Inspectors, $60,230/annual
      • Correctional Officers and Bailiffs, $45,300/annual
      • Private Detectives and Investigators, $50,510/annual