About Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts is designed to create a complete foundation and understanding of Culinary Arts leading to postsecondary education or a food-service career. This pathway to provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on skill mastery of culinary arts.

    Why should someone attend the Culinary Arts Pathway?  The field of Culinary Arts is in demand field with consistent job opportunity and growth. There are many diverse jobs existing in various fields such as hotels, restaurants, institutional cooking, catering, food styling, nutrition, research and development, and food science to name a few. Culinary arts is a field where entrepreneurship abounds for many. Our pathway will give you hands on experience and exposure to industry level equipment. You will be exposed to industry organizations that will increase your post education job opportunities.


    Career Path Salary

    Chef $19-$58K/year

    Pastry Chef $19-$71k year

    Head Chef $32-$70k/year

    Executive Chef $50-$97k/year

    Caterer $19-$42k/year

    Food Stylist $22-$100k/year

    Research and Development Chef $70-$125k/year

    Food Scientist $44-$81k/year

    Culinary Instructor $48-$70K/year


    Culinary Arts Pathway Courses: