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    The History of Cybersecurity

    Cybernetics, Cyber-Physical, Information Assurance, Information Technology Security are the most common terms we hear about Cybersecurity's evolution. These terms may sound very complicated, but it is relatively simple. It started from its humble beginnings in 1970 as a research project on ARPANET (The Advanced Research Project Agency Network). Researcher Bob Thomas created a computer program in which he was able to move ARPANET'S network. This network started to leave a small trail wherever it went. This program was known as 'CREEPER' because of the printed message that it left, "I'M THE CREEPER; CATCH ME IF YOU CAN." This concept expanded into a computer virus created by Ray Tomlinson, the creator of e-mail. Tomlinson created a program called the "REAPER" to catch the "CREEPER" and later delete the program. The birth of the anti-virus program began. As Cybersecurity's evolution began to revolutionize the Information Technology Industry, the birth of the internet, firewalls, viruses, and significant security breaches started a problematic revolution. In 1988, Robert Morris coined Cybersecurity because he created the Morris Worm, which spread to several computers. Who would have thought that we would rely on technology all the time? We are living in Hanna Barbera cartoon of The Jetsons reality. We have the Internet of Things technology at our disposal. We can check our grades or instant contacts through our mobile phones. However, How Safe and Secure are we?


    The Future of Atlanta

    As Atlanta become the next Silicon Valley of the South, schools and companies are finding ways to recruit, educate, and retain people in the cybersecurity field. Cybersecurity is the fastest-growing field with a talent shortage globally. A lot of colleges and universities are starting to add an associate and undergraduate program in Cybersecurity. The most significant debate in the industry is to either obtain a certification or a degree. Some may say that an individual should have both to market themselves in their career. The expected salary in this field can range from $50k-$200K per year.  Being in the field of Cybersecurity should not start in college and the workforce but instead starts in primary and secondary education. Children are more proficient in technology than their parents, and their world will be dependent on the necessary technology to function.

    BREAKING NEWS: We have known that there are not enough girls, especially minority women, in the field of Cybersecurity, information technology, or STEM/STEAM career paths. I advocate for pushing women into the field of Cybersecurity and other STEM/STEAM-related career paths. 




    Welcome to Atlanta College and Career Academy Cybersecurity Pathway! Here at the Atlanta College and Career Academy, the cybersecurity pathway will prepare students to experience real-world scenarios as a Cybersecurity Professional. This course will follow the CompTIA Security+ certification domains and objectives to receive industry-standard certification at the end of the year.

    Cybersecurity is the digital technology playground where practitioners can analyze, strategize, and contribute their time and efforts in this industry. All parents and students interested in learning more about the pathway drop us a line, and we will explain it more to you.




    Georgia Department of Education - Cybersecurity Pathway

    Cybersecurity is designed to provide students the basic concepts and terminology of the field. The pathway examines how the concept of security integrates into the importance of user involvement, security training, ethics, trust, application of cybersecurity practices and devices, and best practices management. The fundamental skills cover internal and external threats to network security and design, how to enforce network level security policies, how to protect an organization’s information, and a broad range of other topics.


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    Georgia Department of Education - Cybersecurity Pathway Courses 


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