PTO Board Elections

  • Each spring, PTO members vote for a new Board that will serve for the next school year. This ensures the smooth transition of outgoing and incoming board members and allows the board-elect to have time to plan for the next term. 

    PTO Board Member Responsibilities

    • Required: A 1 year commitment (beginning in May). Desired: Commitment to stay on 2 consecutive years for Board continuity.
    • Generally 12 hours per month. Depends on officer role. Some roles are mostly email/phone; some require more at-school presence.
    • Attendance at 12 monthly Board meetings, including 2-3 in summer
    • Participation in PTO-led events throughout the year
    • Be a current PTO member (SPARK Supporter at $5 or more).
    • A flexible and positive attitude. Willingness to support teachers and SPARK administration.
    • Comfortable using email and file-sharing tools like Dropbox (since most collaboration is remote)

PTO Elections Process

    1. Become a PTO Member. This includes being a SPARK Supporter with a donation of as little as $5. Not sure if you’re already a member? Email the PTO Board Secretary. 
    2. Fill out a Nomination Form. Completed forms will be shared online with PTO membership (SPARK Supporters) via an online survey. Email it to the PTO President. 
    3. Board Election. Online ballot voted on by all PTO Members (SPARK Supporters).


  • All current standing PTO Members (SPARK Supporters) can vote. 
    • Each SPARK Supporter household receives one vote.
    • All individuals that have donated $5 or more to SPARK Supporters are PTO Members.
    • The primary e-mail address associated with the SPARK Supporter donation receives the vote.