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    The PikMyKid app will be used for afternoon dismissal as well as all changes in dismissal. Dismissal changes must be made within the app. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted. The app is available for download in your phone's app store using the links below. Instructional guides & videos are also linked below.


    The form must only be filled out once per child, or you will see duplicate accounts.

    EVERY parent/guardian must have the PikMyKid app. In order for you to create a PikMyKid account, you MUST fill out the VHE Transportation Form for the 2024-25 school year!

    Please be patient... once you fill out the form, your student will not automatically appear. VHE has to upload your information into the platform itself before you can create an account. Thank you!

    Download the PikMyKid Parent App:
    Apple App Store
    Google Play Store


    1) You do not have to enter a student ID when creating your account in the PikMyKid app... if it asks you for one, don’t worry, you don’t need it. All this means is that we have not uploaded your data from the form yet. Data is being uploaded intermittently leading up to Day 1. Please be patient... your child will appear in the app after the data from our Google Form is uploaded!

    2) You must enable notifications AND location services for the PikMyKid Parent app on your phone!

    3) If you or another assigned delegate is not listed on a particular pick-up day, you will be asked to go into the main office for identity verification.


    What if I need to change pickup mode?
    Click HERE to learn how to change pickup mode in the app

    What if someone else picks up my child? (A nanny, a grandparent, etc)
    You will need to make this person a DELEGATE within the app. Click HERE (English) or HERE (Spanish) for instructions on how to do that.

    How do I use the app and what do I do? Click HERE (English) or HERE (Spanish) for a parent user guide.

    Here are the reasons you would use PikMyKid:

    1. Mode of dismissal change - change from bus to car line to on-site aftercare, etc...

    2. The person picking up the student has to be changed (this is called the delegate)

    ALL dismissal changes or pickup delegation changes must be made by 1:00 pm daily. 

    Using the App in Car Line

    Your app should be open before you arrive to the school. Click the bottom "Pickup" button. When the "ANNOUNCE" button turns green please click it! There is a sign for the PikMyKid Zone at the entrance to the carpool lot to remind you. Teachers will be notified that you are in the car line queue and will send your student from the classroom.



    When you get to the walker pad (at the flagpole) to meet your student, the ANNOUNCE button on the app will turn green. You have to click the button! Teachers will be notified that you are waiting at the Walker Pad and will send your student from the classroom.


    We will use the app to notify you if buses depart late or have delays. Once you have received the bus route for your student, please update the transportation information in PikMyKid.

    Where can I find parent instructional guides and videos on how to use PikMyKid?