Edukit School Supply Kit

      • Convenient - All items on your child’s grade level supply list will be in their kit and they will be ready for the first day of school. box of school supplies
      • Fundraiser - VHE PTO will receive $5 for each kit that is ordered from Edukit. 
      • All kits will be delivered to your home and you will bring to Virginia-Highland ES at Sneak Peek or on the first day of school. 
        • Please DO NOT list Virginia-Highland ES as the delivery address. VHE will not be responsible for storing or locating your child’s supply kit.
      • Order a kit online at ,%20GA


    Questions about kits? Contact Holice Wolf by email,, or call 404.802.7200.

Supply Lists

FAQs About Online Supply Kits

  • Why should I do this (vs traditional shopping)?

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    • Saves time and gas. Each box is precisely what your teacher requested.
    • Boxes will be shipped directly to your home. Boxes can not be shipped directly to VHE.
    • Each box is personalized with your child’s name, grade, school name.
    • The previous year’s online box price was comparable to in-store prices.
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  • What's the difference between the online list and the traditional shopping list?

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    No Difference! Teachers supplied the same list to the online vendor.

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  • I'd rather just shop in the store.

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    No problem! Look above for each grade’s printable school supply list. Bring supplies to Sneak Peek or on the first day of school.  Please note: Try to buy the best quality at the best price, but the specific brand names are optional. If you cannot find everything on the list, do the best you can and maybe buy something extra off another item on the list. You or your child will need to bring the supplies to school on Sneak Peek or the first day of school.

    Tips for shopping on your own: purchase during Georgia’s Back to School Tax Free Holiday weekend, use bulk purchases for things you also use in your home, or coordinate with friends and neighbors to develop a purchasing group to reduce time going to find supplies at the best price.

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  • Tips to Keep Costs Low

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    • Shop the sales. Over the summer, many of the office supply stores and big box stores will have sales, such as 25 cents for a box of crayons. Stay informed by visiting stores’ websites and viewing  circulars in the newspaper each week. 
    • Visit discount stores, such as The Dollar Tree. 
    • Shop in bulk. Go in with a neighbor or friend and buy larger quantities of items and split them between your children.
    • Many local organizations give out school supplies and backpacks over the summer and at the beginning of the school year. Be on the lookout for back to school events!
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  • What about the Gifted team supplies?

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    The Gifted team is not participating in the online supply program this year. Each teacher will send their own list after school starts.

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  • Why does the online ordering window happen so early?

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    We give parents time to order and still allow the vendor six weeks to organize and ship the boxes before school starts. Please note that we ask all families to ship their supplies to their home.  Virginia-Highland ES will not be receiving Edukits at school in the 2023.24 school year. 

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