Arrival Expectations

    • All students must be dropped off at the main entrance at 803 Briarcliff. Students may not be dropped off in front of the Hirsh or Rutland Building on Ponce de Leon Avenue at any time.
    • Any parent or visitor entering the building must have an ID on their person on campus at all times.
    • We are building your child’s self-confidence and independence by allowing him/her to walk to class by themselves in the morning. There are staff members located throughout the building to help guide children to their classes.  Please help us with this goal. (Parents are allowed to assist their children to their classrooms the first week of school only.  After the first week, children will walk to their designated areas with the assistance of teachers and staff in the building.)
    • Upon entering our building:
      • Parents/Visitors are expected to enter the building through the main entrance on Briarcliff.
      • Parents/Visitors should sign in and be announced to a teacher before going to a classroom.
      • Parents/Visitors are expected to wear a SPARK visitor sticker while on campus.
      • Parents who would like to observe a teacher during the instructional day must schedule a time to do so with an administrator. Teachers will be instructed to ask all parents to leave the classroom if the instructional day has begun.
    • Parents should not expect a conference or meeting with the teacher unless it has been pre-arranged. Walk-in conferences/meetings are not allowed. Teachers’ time is valuable as they plan daily and weekly for the instructional needs of our students.
    • Parents that have breakfast with their child must leave directly from the cafeteria rather than walking their child to class.
    • Parents that have lunch with their child must leave directly from the cafeteria rather than walking their child to class. Parents are only permitted to eat lunch in the cafeteria with their child (no exceptions).  Parents are allowed to bring a lunch for them and their child or they may purchase a cafeteria lunch.  
    • Carpool drop off starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 7:55 a.m. Children who arrive at 7:30 a.m. have time to eat breakfast and then go their classroom to get unpacked, begin their morning activities, and start their daily instruction. Afternoon pick up is from 2:30-2:50 PM. No drop-offs prior to 7:30a.m. Please arrive on time especially on rainy or extremely hot or cold days.
    • Please say goodbyes and have children ready to exit in the morning. This is not the time to review homework, have children eat breakfast, sign permission slips, fix hair or open the trunk or back hatch, etc. Please remember that carpool is not a parent/teacher conference time. If you need to speak to a teacher, please schedule an appointment.
    • Please unlock doors and have children start to unbuckle their seatbelts as you enter the carpool area. At dismissal, children may buckle seatbelts by stopping at the end of the drive before entering Briarcliff Road. Remember, only RIGHT turns are permitted.
    • Children may only depart and enter the vehicle on the passenger side. Please make appropriate accommodations if you have car seats. Parents must stay inside the car in the carpool line. If you need to get out of your vehicle, please park in an appropriate spot which may not be in the lot, if filled.
    • Please be alert and follow the instructions of the carpool assistants. If someone asks you to move to improve the flow, please oblige. Opening and closing the doors is a courtesy and may not always be available. Again, please remember to have your doors unlocked as trying to open locked doors has actually caused some teachers to develop carpal tunnel symptoms.
    • NO cell phone use in the carpool lane during arrival or departure from carpool. We need you to be alert and prepared to stop/go quickly. Please abide by this rule as a common courtesy and safety protocol.
    • Be a follower: Follow the car ahead of you as we are filling up the carpool lane. When one car breaks the routine, others follow, chaos ensues, and you get out later, not sooner.
    • Substitute Drivers: We love moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters and relatives but please try very hard to explain the carpool procedure to them before they fill in for you. Additionally, please make sure they have a carpool hang tag or WALKER number so that they are prepared for pick up. Please advise the teacher and Ms. Peebles before 1:00PM of the change in the person who will be picking up. If there is someone who is NOT to pick up your child, please make sure you have all of the legal paperwork and speak with Mr. Harness or Dr. Toney. All afternoon duty personnel should be advised.
    • We also love our furry family members, but please keep pets in vehicles. Pets are not allowed on the school property. Please do not let any pets out of the car or hang out the vehicle windows. There are children, staff and parents who are uncomfortable around animals and who have allergies. This also poses a safety risk. You are liable for any accidents or injuries.
    • Lastly, if it is after 8:00 AM, you must park and walk your child into the main office on Briarcliff Road and sign them in with Ms. Peebles. Please read the policy on unexcused tardies and absences which may result in a Social Worker referral or call from administration.

    Please understand that we take the safety and security of your child very seriously at SPARK.  It is important that you understand that when no one is on duty your child’s safety is at stake.  Also, be reminded that instructional time is VERY important.  Please do all you can to ensure that your child makes it to school on time each and every day.

Last Modified on August 7, 2019