Dismissal Expectations

  • Transportation changes must be requested before 1:00 p.m.  Requests after 1:00 will not be permitted.  This is to ensure the safety and security of all students throughout the building and it will provide the school time to ensure that students will be sent home via the correct mode of transportation.

    Students may be dismissed as a:

    • Bus Rider – We strongly encourage parents to use bus transportation services.  Be reminded that traffic in the Springdale Park zone is heavy at times and we assure you that bus drivers will do their best to arrive on time in the morning and afternoon each day. School buses will leave the school by 2:30 each day. Pick-up and drop-off times will be available via the district transportation portal.  Bus pick-up and drop-off times are approximate.  Route times are affected by changes in traffic patterns and ridership.  All bus schedules are subject to change during the school year.  Bus routes are updated each Friday; updates will take affect the following Monday.  Please check your student’s bus route weekly for updates.  You can check bus routes by visiting the APS Transportation page.
    • Carpooler - NEW CARPOOL HANG TAGS THIS YEAR for the 2019-2020 school year.  All cars will be registered and provided with a carpool mirror hang tag that will be assigned a number for the 2018-2019 school year. You may pick up a 2019-2020 carpool numbered hang tag during Sneak Peak/Open House or at any time from the main office. Only cars with “carpool” numbers are allowed to pick students up from the carpool lane.  The school will provide each family with two (2) carpool hang tags.  It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that designated people have these carpool hang tags.  In the event that car is without hang tag, the designated person will need to park and come in to the front office to collect the student.  We encourage all hang tags to be visibly displayed, prior to turning into the school parking lot from Briarcliff, for easy carpool identification.  Please be reminded that this is for the safety of the child(ren).  If you have a carpool hang tag number from last year, that number will no longer be valid.  You will need a NEW carpool hang tag for the new year.  We can provide you with the “NEW” mirror hang tag if you do not currently have the new version. *
    • Walker - Parents will be provided with a carpool/walker hang tag that must be presented at the walker door (side gymnasium door).  This tag will indicate WALKER and a number.  This tag must be present to pick up a student from the walker door. *
    • The Club After School

    Parents are not allowed to pull students from the bus, bus pick-up area, hallways or directly from the classroom. Students are only to be dismissed via bus, carpool, walker, or after school activity dismissal areas.  This is to ensure the safety and security of all students.

    Play Dates or transportation changes with play dates in mind are not permissible on school buses.  Bus routes are designed to accommodate only students who ride that bus.  Adding students to the bus because of play dates may result in too many children riding the bus.  Our number 1 priority is to ensure that all students are safe and secure on the bus at all times.  Playdate transportation changes are not allowed unless a student is being picked up with a friend in carpool. 

     *If Carpool hang tags or Walker numbers are not presented at the time of pick-up, parents will be asked to go to the main office and present identification in order to pick-up their child(ren). Please be reminded that this is for the safety of the child(ren).

Early Dismissal

    • Early dismissal must occur before 1:45. We ask that parents do their best to not pick students up between 1:45 and 2:30.  This is to ensure the safety and dismissal procedures for all students within our building.  After 1:45 PM students will be dismissed via their regular transportation dismissal.
    • Parents that are volunteering must check-out their child by 2:00 p.m. if they are taking them home with them. Parents may not check their child out directly from the classroom after 2:00.

Late Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up

    • If a student is not in their homeroom class by 8:00AM they are considered tardy. Students will receive a tardy slip to indicate the day and time of the tardy.  Teachers will mark all tardies in our database for attendance purposes.
    • For students who arrive to school after 8:00, parents/guardians will need to park and walk their children into the school to sign them in. Under no circumstances should parents drop their students off in the parking lot or at the front door.  Parents will need to walk inside of the building with their child. This ensures that all students make it into the building in a safe and secure manner. 
    • School begins dismissal by 2:25 each day. All carpool students must be picked up by 2:50 daily.  If there is a possibility that you will be late picking up your child, please call the school immediately to let us know.  School staff will not be able to attend to students in the afternoon past 3:30.  Please be sure to make arrangements for another parent/guardian or emergency contact listed on the student’s registration is able to pick your child up in the event of late pick-up. If you miss afternoon carpool due to traffic or an unplanned conflict, your child(ren) will be taken to our After School Daycare Provide – “The Club”). When you arrive, park at the front of the school on Briarcliff Road and proceed to the cafeteria to pick them up at ASC. Please be aware there is a charge for unexpected drop-ins.
Last Modified on August 14, 2019