Visitors at Lunch

  • Parents & guardians are welcome to come and have lunch with kids, but parents/guardians must agree to the following rules. 

    1. Parents/Guardians who are listed on Infinite Campus are allowed to come and have lunch with their students.
    2. Visitors will have lunch in the designated visitor section. Visitors are not allowed to sit with students at their classroom lunch table.
    3. Family members or friends who are not listed on Infinite Campus will not be allowed to eat lunch alone with a student.
    4. Individuals who are not listed on Infinite Campus will only be permitted if the parent/guardian of the student is physically present and if that parent/guardian is listed on Infinite Campus.
    5. Parents have the ability to add individuals as emergency contacts within Infinite Campus using the Parent Portal.
    6. Fridays before a holiday or a long weekend, parent/guardian visits for lunch will not be allowed.

    Parents & guardians are not allowed to have breakfast with students.