Complaints & Grievances

  • Grievances

    The mission of OER is to ensure that the integrity of Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is maintained  through a system of internal discipline where fairness is assured by objective, impartial investigation and review. This mission will, in turn, foster an environment where APS can focus its talents and resources to secure the success of its students in school and life.  In general, allegations of employee wrongdoing and discrimination are forwarded to OER for consideration. As necessary, OER investigates and tracks these allegations from start to finish to ensure fairness and equity in the resolution process.

    OER is responsible for answering inquiries and managing the following processes:

    • Workplace Investigations: The Investigative Process
    • Dispute Resolution: How to address allegations of employee wrongdoing
    • Grievance Process: Grievance process steps and procedure
    • Mediation: Purpose of mediation 
    • Technical Assistance: Purpose of technical assistance for OER 
    • Other Proactive Resolution Strategies: Employee Assistance and Wellbeing Support

    OER strives to ensure that good workplace morale may be maintained, effective job performance may be enhanced, and the community may be better served.

    The Atlanta Board of Education Policy GAE: Complaints and Grievances provides guidance regarding definitions and exclusions related to complaints and grievances.

    A grievance is a formal complaint regarding a specific policy violation that you can file if you believe that you have been wronged/treated unfairly by the district.

    We understand that filing a complaint or grievance can be a difficult process. We are here to help you through the process and to advocate for your rights. If you have general questions on our complaints and grievance processes, we encourage you to contact our office by email to or at 404 802 2345.