Cognia STEM Certified

  • SPARK became Cognia STEM Certified in 2022. It was the first school in the Midtown Cluster to receive this honor. To achieve this, SPARK demonstrated 16 learning standards under four domains.

    Domain 1: STEM Community Domain

    1. SPARK provides equitable opportunities for students to engage in high quality STEM Learning.

    2. SPARK Teachers collaborate to develop, implement and improve high quality STEM learning activities.

    3. SPARK engages diverse STEM community in order to support and sustain STEM programs and initiatives.

    4. SPARK has established a shared vision for STEM and has leadership structures to support effective implementation.

    Domain 2: STEM Learning Culture Domain 

    5. SPARK Administrators ensure that all stakeholders have ongoing opportunities to access information and learn about STEM implementation.

    6. SPARK Teachers & Leaders participate in an ongoing system of STEM-Specific professional learning.

    7. SPARK students engage collaboratively in authentic inquiry during ongoing units of study.

    8. SPARK students engage in self-directed STEM learning guided by educators who are effective facilitators of learning.

    Domain 3: STEM Experiences Domain 

    9. SPARK provides within-school and extra-curricular opportunities for students to extend STEM learning.

    10. SPARK students demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments and have opportunities to develop self-assessment and self-monitoring skills.

    11. STEM Learning experiences at SPARK integrate all STEM disciplines with an emphasis on processes and practices associated with STEM.

    12. SPARK provides high quality STEM courses and curriculum aligned to recognized standards and organized into interdisciplinary frameworks.

    Domain 4: STEM Outcomes Domain 

    13. SPARK students demonstrate STEM content knowledge representative of STEM literacy outcomes that prepare them for the next level of learning and work.

    14. SPARK students develop STEM skills and cross-cutting competencies that support workforce readiness.

    15. SPARK engages in a continuous improvement process for STEM.

    16. SPARK conducts evaluative activities to ensure the effectiveness of STEM implementation.