• We are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative designed to offer greater flexibility and work-life balance for select staff: the APS Flex Exchange Program. This opt-in program provides Remote Eligible Employees, as determined by the Division of Human Resources, the opportunity to exchange a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase* for the benefit of two remote workdays per week while still maintaining their annual salary step increment.


    Key Details of the APS Flex Exchange Program:

    Remote Workdays: Employees who opt into the APS Flex Exchange Program will be allowed to work remotely for two days each week.

    Salary Adjustments: Participants will forgo the 3% COLA increase for the fiscal year 2025 but will continue to receive their annual salary step increment*. Click here to view the FY25 Salary Schedule

    Commitment Period: Participation in the APS Flex Exchange Program requires a commitment for the entire FY'25 fiscal year.

    Compliance: Should an employee's remote work status be revoked due to non-compliance with the program's policies and guidelines, they will still forgo the 3% COLA increase* for FY'25.

    We believe the APS Flex Exchange Program offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your work-life balance while continuing to achieve professional growth within Atlanta Public Schools. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at apsflex@apsk12.org

    *Includes those employees receiving the $3,000 one-time payment because they are not eligible for step increase


    How to Participate:

    Participation is voluntary, and we encourage you to consider whether this program aligns with your personal and professional needs.

    If your position is deemed eligible for APS Flex Exchange, the following are your next steps:

    1. Seek approval from your supervisor

    2. Complete and submit the APS Flex Exchange Interest Form

    3. Request Cisco SoftPhone installation using a Nimbus Ticket

    4. Complete your Remote Work Training Plan on ELiS , and then complete the Remote Work Agreement Form.


    Important Considerations:

    The APS Flex Program is designed to support a productive and flexible work environment. As such, all participants must adhere to the established remote work policies and performance expectations.

    Participation is binding for the entire fiscal year, and non-compliance will result in the continuation of the forfeiture of the 3% COLA increase* even if remote work privileges are revoked.

    Please note that pensions are based on actual salary.  For TRS, this is your two (2) highest consecutive years of membership service. For the General Employee Pension Plan, this is your highest three (3) years of service. If you are approaching retirement, consider how foregoing the 3% now could impact your long-term pension.


    FY25 Salary Schedule

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