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  • Dr. Herring’s special message on the Intent to Return declaration

    Parents/Students, remember the deadline to submit your decision is March 8th!!


    Intent to Return Declaration Form Link:



Credit Recovery

APS' Parent Leadership Academy

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

APS Plans for Return for F2F Learning 4th Quarter

  • A new student Intent to Return declaration period begins today, Wednesday, February 17 through Monday, March 8. With this latest Intent to Return, our families will choose a learning option through the final nine-week quarter. If this form is not completed by March 8, students will remain in their current instructional learning models. The form and details is now available on the Declaration Form page.



    Intent to Return Declaration Form Link:

  • PROBE Spring Tour 2021



    Probe is an annual program of college fairs and guidance counselor workshops that are held throughout the state of Georgia. The program is managed by the Georgia Education Articulation Committee (GEAC), whose sole mission is to disseminate information and stimulate interest in post-secondary education for students in Georgia. Hundreds of colleges from across the nation attend Probe each year to reach thousands of Georgia high school juniors and seniors.


    The Spring 2021 Virtual Probe Tour will be held virtually, Monday, March 8, 2021 beginning at 5:00 PM EST.


    There will be three 45-minute blocks offered (5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM) with multiple sessions offered during each block. Up to six colleges will present during each session.


    Sessions will be delivered via Zoom Webinars and student pre-registration for each session is required. There is no charge to participate.


    Students may sign up for Probe information and alerts about the upcoming tour and participating colleges.

    Go to


    Spring Probe is a chance for seniors who haven't finalized their post-high school plans to learn more,  as well as an opportunity for rising sophomores and juniors to begin the college search process.  Probe College Fairs connect thousands of students with college and university representatives each year. This fall the tradition continues with online virtual tours.  

    Using Zoom-webinars and the assistance of StriveScan, the mini fairs will consist of 45-minute sessions hosted by various college representatives. Each will allow students and families access to panels and presentations. 

    They will also include a virtual chat feature and the option to connect further with a college liaison. Though limited in time, these live interactions will help students identify schools that they want to investigate–often the perfect fit might not be a widely known institution.


    Sign Up via the QR Code right away!!!

Zoom Authentication

  • Zoom Authentication

    Greetings, APS Families:

    The safety, security and well-being of our students and staff remains a top priority in Atlanta Public Schools. As we navigate the virtual learning space, we encourage you to continue to partner with us as we work to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. 

    Effective Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020 students (grades 3-12) will be required to authenticate (log into the APS Zoom account), before entering a virtual Zoom classroom. Students (grades 3-12) who do not authenticate will not be admitted into the virtual classroom. This increased security measure should alleviate the potential of outside disturbances and add an extra layer of protection and accountability for students and staff.  

    Students can find step-by-step authentication instructions here:

    As a reminder, all APS students must adhere to Internet Acceptable Use and Information Security Policy and the student code of conduct/student discipline policy. The Student Handbook [] has guidance on digital citizenship included (Page 3) for parents and students; this information will be reiterated in the classroom as well. 

    Some important points include the following:

    • Be Respectful. If it is inappropriate face-to-face, then it is inappropriate online as well.
    • Be careful with humor; make sure it is not offensive, rude, or disruptive to class.
    • If in doubt, before posting, message your teacher for guidance.
    • Never share meeting IDs or meeting passwords outside of class. 
    • Never post inappropriate messages or content in classroom chats or privately.
    • Never post what appears to be a threat of violence to any student, staff or school.

    PLEASE NOTE: Students who commit acts considered to be criminal in nature may be subject to a home visit by the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and/or face prosecution. Click here [] for a copy of the 2020-21 Student Handbook to review virtual guidance, behavioral expectations, and consequences.   

    If your child experiences any difficulties logging into Zoom,please review the login options with them or contact 404-802-1000 for assistance. 

    Atlanta Public Schools

    Autenticación de Zoom ahora requerida para estudiantes (grados 3-12) antes de ingresar al aula virtual

    Saludos, familias de APS:

    La seguridad, protección y bienestar de nuestros estudiantes y personal sigue siendo una prioridad principal en Atlanta Public Schools. Mientras navegamos por el entorno de aprendizaje virtual, recomendamos que usted continúe asociándose con nosotros mientras trabajamos para garantizar un entorno de aprendizaje seguro y apoyo para todos los estudiantes.

    A partir del martes, 8 de septiembre de 2020 Los estudiantes (grados 3-12) deberán autenticarse (iniciar sesión en la cuenta de Zoom de APS), antes de ingresar a un aula virtual de Zoom. Los estudiantes (grados 3-12) que no se autentiquen no serán admitidos en el aula virtual. Esta mayor medida de seguridad debería aliviar el potencial de disturbios externos y agregar una capa adicional de protección y responsabilidad para los estudiantes y el personal.

    Los estudiantes pueden encontrar instrucciones para autenticar paso a paso aquí:

    Recuerde, todos los estudiantes de APS deberán cumplir la Política de seguridad de la información y uso aceptable de Internet y el código de conducta estudiantil / política de disciplina estudiantil. El Reglamento del Estudiante incluye una guía sobre conducta digital (página 3) para padres y estudiantes; esta información también será reiterada en el aula. []

    Algunos puntos importantes incluyen los siguientes:
    • Ser respetuoso. Si es inapropiado cara a cara, entonces también es inapropiado en línea.
    • Tener cuidado con el sentido del humor; asegúrese de que no sea ofensivo, grosero o que interrumpa la clase.
    • En caso de duda, antes de publicar, envíe un mensaje a su maestro para que le oriente.
    • Nunca comparta el número de identificación de reunión o las contraseñas de reunión fuera de la clase.
    • Nunca publique mensajes o contenido inapropiado en los chats del aula o en privado.
    • Nunca publique lo que pueda ser una amenaza de violencia a ningún estudiante, personal o escuela.

    TENGA EN CUENTA:  Los estudiantes que cometan actos considerados de naturaleza criminal pueden estar sujetos a una visita domiciliaria por parte del Departamento de Policía de Atlanta Public Schools y / o enfrentar un proceso judicial. Haga clic aquí [] para obtener una copia del Reglamento del Estudiante 2020-21 para revisar la orientación virtual, las expectativas de conducta y las consecuencias.

    Si su hijo tiene alguna dificultad para iniciar sesión en Zoom, por favor revise las opciones de inicio de sesión con ellos o comuníquese al 404-802-1000 para obtener ayuda.

    Atlanta Public Schools

  • Connect3

    Welcome to the first issue of Connect 3: Online Resources for Students, Teachers and Families.

    This week’s focus for Connect 3 is Identity and Diversity. A key part of anti-bias education is reflecting on aspects of identity—both ours and others—and understanding the importance of diversity and representation.

    1: Students

    Explore your understanding of emojis and representation, and create your own using our student-facing version of Emojis and Me on Sutori, 
    a collaborative online tool for students learning from home.

    (Note to Educators: On April 20 at 5 PM ET, join us for a webinar with Sutori's CEO. We will share how to engage students by using this dynamic combination of ADL resources and Sutori technology for online classroom instruction.)

    Check out this No Place for Hate coloring book! Post your final artwork to our twitter page or send me copies! 


    2: Families and Communities

    Diversity in Media and Why Visibility Matters parent/family discussion guide provides the tools to engage in family conversations about the importance of diverse representations and visibility in the media.

    3: Bonus Resource!


    Please continue to share any feedback and ideas for resources that you would find helpful.

    We send best wishes for safety and good health to all.

  • ACFB


    In light of the current health situation, Atlanta Community Food Bank is extending the application deadline for all summer programs to SUNDAY, MAY 17TH at 11:59PM.  We are ONLY ACCEPTING ONLINE, EMAIL OR FAX APPLICATIONS.

    Download a printable flyer to distribute or learn more, and or apply online on ACFB Youth Programs

    Students interested in the Youth Leadership Summit or the Youth Service Summit must apply and must be available for the entire time in order to be eligible. Students who are interested in the Youth Learn and Serve Day must sign up and attend the whole day. There are no fees or costs to participate in any of our programs.

    Contact Atlanta Community Food Bank via email or 404-892-3333 ext. 2009 with any questions.