• Mission

    To inspire and challenge students to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social, and postsecondary goals.


    To provide students with a circle of support that leads to the development of resilient and empowered students. 

    Phoenix Academy is a blended learning environment that utilizes various instructional methods that support teaching and learning.  This research-based approach (Blended Learning Model) addresses the needs of students experiencing academic, socioemotional, and behavioral challenges. 

    Phoenix Academy offers four instructional modalities, maximizing students' opportunities to earn a high school diploma.  Our program serves students in grades 9-12, focusing on college and career readiness.  We serve approximately 300 students; our faculty members are facilitators, mentors, and advocates. 

    Come Join Us! Your Journey Awaits!

  • Social Emotional Learning

    SEL is important to Phoenix because this population of students need the tools to communicate their emotions and deal with emotional drama.  This is an environment where school is an enjoyable place to learn, grow, and develop.  Designed with the goal in mind to help students understand that all perspectives are valuable, including their own, and Phoenix is grounded in wraparound services.  In this culture of learning, it is seamless to incorporate SEL in day-to-day functions and routine interactions.  This is a culture of care!

    At Phoenix, students receive an opportunity for growth and begin a journey of excellence.  The staff are prepared to pour into each and every student, every day! Together, we believe we will acheive excellence and see our young leaders, influencers and world changers of tomorrow emerge from our school.  This is their story. This is their journey. Everyone who enters Phoenix becomes part of the journey, and everyone with the mindset of pouring positivity into our scholars is welcome to the Phoenix experience.  Welcome to the journey!  Together, let's "Build Hopes and Dreams!"

    WHOLE School

    Teacher-Student interactions are nurtuting, encouraging, and redemptive.  This is a place where mistakes are welcome and students are empowered to grow, and adults use restorative practices to help students learn from their mistakes.  SEL and restorative practices are naturally the Phoenix Way! On any given day, you will notice it in the way staff respond to students, casual conversations, instructional practices, adult-to-adult interactions, wraparound supports and more.

    Classroom Climate/Culture

    Teachers receive SEL lessons from the school-based SEL Team.  Based on needs, teachers are encouraged to modify lessons. Students have access to the SEL curriculum, and during instructional moments SEL skills are connected to the academic standard.  Self self-expression is encouraged and their voice is welcomed.  Teachable moments are a norm to allow students to raise topics that are relevant to what they are going through in the moment.