• An internship or practicum (synonymous terms used for two similar models) can take two different forms. The first is a one-time, short-term placement which lasts any amount of time less than what would be required to earn 1/2 or more units of credit, typically one to six weeks.

    An effective Internship experience should run for at least 10 hours and no more than 120 hours per semester. The second, more involved internship may last for as long as one year. It should involve the equivalent number of hours that the student would have spent in class in order to qualify for course credit. Both of these experiences, which may be either paid or unpaid, can occur only after the completion of coursework related to the placement. If the intern is functioning as an unpaid worker, whether as a short term "observer" or for a longer period in a formal internship course, he or she would not be covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance