Welcome to the Super-Saavy Social Studies Department!

    The Mission of the Social Studies Department is to empower all students through rigorous, authentic, and student-centered learning.

    The Vision of the Social Studies Department is to foster social understanding and create problem solvers for an ever changing world.


    Social Studies, at the most basic level, is the study of people. Through required courses that include content from history, geography, political science and economics, students are provided with a basic background and critical thinking skills necessary to become effective and productive citizens. The Georgia Social Studies curriculum also provides a wide variety of elective courses in Law, Current Events, History, the Behavioral Sciences, Advanced Placement courses and International Baccalaureate courses for those students who are interested in pursuing various disciplines of the Social Studies to a greater depth. In addition to classroom instruction there are many activities that help students master Social Studies content and skills such as local, regional and State Social Science Fairs, We the People competitions, and the Mock Trial program.