Jerol Smith, Media Specialist  / Hours:  M-F, 8:00 AM - 5 PM
    Ms. A. Reeves, AFPL Librarian, speaks to students during media orientation  

    The 2016-2017 school year will be an exciting year for Booker T. Washington High School in the area of instructional technology! 


    BTW was recently awarded a grant of almost $30K worth of video equipment through the One Georgia Authority to support the development and expansion of its Audio Video Technology instructional program.

    The goal of this grant is to leverage ESE Networks' experience in the film and audio/video industry and its experience with U.S. Education TV to provide high schools and middle schools with the equipment, server storage capacity, and technical support to provide students with new and expanded opportunities to engage in remote broadcast and other learning activities aligned with the AudioVideo Technology and Film career pathway. Even without a clear pathway for such here at Washington, our teachers can still expose our students to wonderful opportunities in the growing industry of broadcast journalism and film, within our current pathways of Early College and CTAE Curriculums.


    Students will be able to learn and become proficient in live, multi-camera production and will become better prepared for employment opportunities in Georgia's growing film industry following graduation.

    Booker T. Washington HS will receive a "Studio in a Box," enabling filming and broadcasting high-quality HD video, as well as access to the ESE Networks platform. The grant also provides digital storage space for content and technical support for effective implementation.


    Package includes:

    (2 Sony HD Camcorders, 2 tripods, 2 tripod bags, Wireless Kit, desktop computer and monitor + software bundle)