William M. Finch Elementary School


    William M. Finch Elementary School is a neighborhood school located in the southwest section of Atlanta, Georgia. The school strives to maintain high academic standards for all students. The climate of the school is open, friendly, and inviting, which nourishes, nurtures, and captivates the greatest potential of the students. It is a place where parents and members of the community feel welcomed, appreciated, needed, and necessary. We actively encourage and initiate parental and community involvement.


    The staff members are challenged to master their subject areas and content and to teach to a variety of learning styles to meet the needs of students effectively and cognitively. The teachers provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters educational opportunities for the growth and development of the whole child, thereby empowering the child to become a productive citizen and meaningful contributor to a global society.

    Because of the unique and special needs of our students and our desire to fully prepare them as viable productive citizens, help is needed. Consequently, the teachers, support staff, parents, community members and our partners in education must operate as a synergetic team to "Focus on Student Success." 




    The philosophy of Finch Elementary School is to strive to promote the maximum development of every child for individual and group living. We will provide those living and learning experiences that will enable each child at every stage of development the support needed that will enable each child to grow in behavior as a responsible, considerate, contributing and participating member of society.