• STE(A)M Signature Program

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    Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is dedicated to preparing students for college and 21st century careers by providing high quality educational opportunities. APS has set as a priority ensuring students receive a rigorous and relevant learning experience through its STEM Signature Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) defines STEM Education as an integrated curriculum that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory projects, problem-based learning and student-centered development of ideas and solutions.

    GADOE has established a STEM certification process to validate the quality of STEM programs across the state.  The grade-level STEM Continuums (guidelines) are available for review on this website or from the APS Office of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education.  Cognia is an international organization that awards school accreditations and STEM certifications.       

  • APS STEM Clusters:

    Non-Traditional Schools

    • BEST Academy (Cognia STEM Certified) 
    • Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Academy (Cognia STEM Certified) 

    Carver Cluster

    • Carver Early College HS 
    • Sylvan Hills MS  
    • Finch ES
    • Perkerson ES

    Douglass Cluster

    • Douglass HS 
    • John Lewis MS  
    • Boyd ES
    • Harper-Archer ES
    • Scott ES (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Stanton ES (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Usher-Collier ES (Cognia STEM Certified) 

    Midtown Cluster

    • Midtown HS 
    • Howard MS  
    • Hope-Hill ES
    • Lin ES
    • Morningside ES
    • Springdale Park (Cognia STEM Certified)   

     South Atlanta Cluster

    • South Atlanta HS (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Long MS (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Cleveland ES (Cognia STEM Certified) 
    • Dobbs ES (Cognia STEM Certified) 
    • Heritage Academy ES (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Humphries ES (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Hutchinson ES (Cognia STEM Certified) 

    Washington Cluster

    • Washington HS (Cognia STEM Certified)  
    • Russell West End Academy MS (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Hollis Innovation Academy ES/MS (K-8) (Cognia STEM Certified)   
    • Jones ES (DOE STEM and STEAM Certified; Cognia STEM Certified)
    • Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy ES (Cognia STEM Certified) 
  • Warren Edwards

    For more information on STE(A)M contact:
    Dr. Warren P. Edwards, STE(A)M Coordinator
    Phone: (404) 802-5814 | Email:wedwards@atlanta.k12.ga.us