• SAT and ACT

    Many colleges no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. For a list of schools that are test-optional, visit Fair Test.

    Some schools do still require test scores, however. Please check admission requirements at each school you plan to apply to. And if you have really strong scores you should submit them, even if your school is test-optional. Colleges accept both tests and don’t favor one over the other. The CCC recommends that, if possible, you complete your testing during your junior year so that you can concentrate on college applications your senior year. Doing some test prep will improve your scores. See information below on both paid classes and free options.

    Many students take the SAT or the ACT more than once. Colleges will look at your best score and will even “superscore” the results, using the best subscore (math, reading, etc.) from each time you took the test. Most colleges superscore the SAT, and some also superscore the ACT.

    Compare the SAT and ACT here.

    The College Board also administers SAT Subject Tests, which are NOT required by all colleges, but ARE required by more competitive schools. Check each school’s admissions requirements. Many experts advise students to take SAT subject tests after they finish a related AP course, while information is current. For example, if you take 11th grade AP Chemistry, take the SAT subject test for Chemistry in early summer after junior year. Remember that even if you take the ACT, the school you're applying to might still require an SAT Subject Test. 


    Click here for 2021-22 ACT Test Dates and Deadlines 

    Register at www.actstudent.org



    Applerouthoffers both SAT and ACT prep. Group classes and private tutoring available..

    Edison Prepoffers an SAT prep class and a weekend ACT boot camp, which is ideal for students with busy schedules who can't commit to a weekly course. 

    Success Prepoffers SAT prep at Morehouse College and ACT prep at Decatur High School and also self-study online prep courses.

    The Princeton Review: offers SAT and ACT Prep classes.

    Kaplan: offers several options for both SAT and ACT prep, including online courses and group classes.

    All Pencils Down: offers online SAT and ACT prep classes.

    Tomorrow’s Luminaries: works with underserved students. ACT and SAT test prep is available at various locations.

    Atlanta Tutors: Contact a Georgia Tech or Emory student to provide personal SAT or ACT tutoring.

    Midtown High School offers an SAT prep class as part of the regular curriculum. This must be registered for, like any other class.

    Atlanta Virtual Academy offers free test prep online. Courses can be completed any time, any place, on any device. Login using your Network ID and Lunch Number.

    Kahn Academy offers free SAT test prep, in collaboration with the College Board.

    ACT offers free ACT test prep.

    March 2 Success offers practice tests and study materials, including for the ASVAB, the military entrance exam. Developed by the Army in collaboration with Petersons.

    BWS Education Consulting offers free SAT and ACT sample tests.


    SAT and ACT apps are available and can be helpful if you have a few minutes to kill standing in line, but they would likely not be sufficient preparation to do your best on the tests.

    APS Homework Hotline. Call 678-553-3029, Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., for help with specific questions.