• For all attendance concerns and documentation, please email:


    Early Check Out Procedures

    The latest Early Check Out time is 3:00 PM.

    Parent/Guardian Pick Up:

      1. Please bring your photo ID / driver's license with you when you come to pick up your student.
        Students cannot be released to individuals without identification.

      2. Front office staff will verify that the person picking up the student is approved on Infinite Campus.
        Students cannot be released to individuals not listed on Infinite Campus.

      3. Front office staff will call into the classroom for student to be excused to the main office

    Student Self-Check Out:

      1. Parents must email MHSAttendanceReports@atlanta.k12.ga.us AND the student's Assistant Principal stating that the student has permission to check themselves out at a specified date and time.

        Advanced email communication of at least 3 hours is strongly recommended and greatly appreciated!

        9th Grade Students: Mr. Willie Vincent (wmvincent@atlanta.k12.ga.us)
        10th-12th Grade Students Last Names A - D : Dr. Melissa Davis (mldavis@atlanta.k12.ga.us)
        10th-12th Grade Students Last Names E - G : Dr. Betsy Bockman (bbockman@atlanta.k12.ga.us)
        10th-12th Grade Students Last Names H - Pe :
        10th-12th Grade Students Last Names Ph - Z Mr. Rodney Howard (rdhoward@atlanta.k12.ga.us)

      2. If students are leaving with someone else (e.g. another parent/guardian or student), please state that person's full name in your email.

      3. When students come to the front office for check out, staff will call parent / guardian for voice confirmation before releasing students.


    Thank you for helping us keep Midtown High School safe, secure, and efficient!