The attached Facility Assessment Report conveys the results of the study of the condition and the educational suitability of the identified school.  The district hired Parsons Environment and Infrastructure Group, Inc. to review every school in two important areas:
    • Condition analysis includes all the major building systems - roof, plumbing, heating, etc.;
    • Educational suitability analysis looked at how well the building helps educators deliver the educational program to the students and examines how well the infrastructure of the building supports administrative functions.
    Data collected and estimated costs captured will be utilized by APS to address facility deficiencies and to make long-range planning decisions.
    Facility Condition Index (FCI) and School Score:  The FCI is an industry standard measurement of facility condition calculated as the ratio of the costs to correct a facility's deficiencies to the facility's current replacement value.  It ranges from 0% (new) to 100% (poor).  The higher the FCI, the poorer the relative condition of the facility. Parsons recommended Ratings:  GOOD:  0-15.0%       FAIR:  15.01-30.0%      POOR:  30.0 – 100%
    The School Score is a calculated value derived by the following formula:   
    School Score = (Condition Score * weighting factor of 65) + (Suitability Score * weighting factor of 35)          
    Download Individual School Reports by finding your cluster and/or school below: 
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