Facilities Master Plan

  • Periodically, Atlanta Public Schools performs a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan to guide decisions about schools, other buildings and sites owned by APS.

    The 18-month Facilities Master Plan process is guided by goals and guidelines set forth by the APS Board of Education. In 2019, APS hired a team to help develop recommendations for the Facilities Master Plan. The team that was hired is comprised of Sizemore Group, Bleakly Advisory Group, Sycamore Consulting and HL Strategy, which works in close collaboration with APS staff. The process is informed by the APS strategic plan as well as APS policies and goals related to the Facilities Master Plan - and seeks to engage the community in various ways. The Facilities Master Plan process includes examining APS school facility capacity as well as a demographic study to help forecast trends and determine where the school-age populations are increasing or declining.

    The completed Facilities Master Plan will make recommendations to address capacity and enrollment in APS facilities over the next five (2025-2026 school year) and ten years (2030-2031 school year). It will include recommendations for the best and highest uses for district properties and a property disposal plan. . 

    Community Input

    The entire community is encouraged to participate, ask questions and share ideas and concerns throughout the process. Three rounds of regional community conversations and one round of cluster-specific conversations are scheduled across the district. Additionally, the community is encouraged to provide feedback and share ideas through the APS Let’s Talk portal, available 24 hours a day.

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    Timing and Funding

    The current Facilities Master Plan timeline includes presenting school options to the APS Board of Education in late March. Following review by the APS Board of Education, the options will be shared with the public during Community Conversations in all nine APS clusters in April. The final recommendations will be presented to the Superintendent at the end of April, followed by an anticipated first reading of the final recommendations by the APS Board of Education in early May. A second reading is anticipated at the beginning of June.

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