• SchoolDude Rentals and Usage Updates

    Atlanta Public Schools (APS) resumed “exterior” (effective March 29, 2021) in conjunction with an update for “interior” (effective May 1, 2022) partner and community usage for rentals of APS properties.  All usage is subject to the approval of the school administration. During facility usage, our community members and partners utilizing the venues must observe protocols and guidelines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.  Thank you for supporting Atlanta Public Schools.

  • APS Property Management Office, Operations Division

    **Click here to Rent an Atlanta Public School Facility**

    READ the information below:

    Community organizations are invited to make facility usage and rental requests online through our Facilities Scheduling web-based application powered by School Dude. (School facilities will not be leased to individuals.)

    To register, make requests, and review user guides, please utilize the tabs to the right. 

    The following information and policies may apply:

    Terms and Conditions for Use of School Facilities for Non-School Functions/Activities

    Community Groups and Organizations may rent facilities in accord with Board Policies provided, they do not interfere with school or district activities or operations.

    Board Policy Manual, KG Use of School Facilities

    Board Policy Manual, KG-R(1) Use of School Facilities - Insurance Requirements for Outside Groups

    All organizations are required to provide general liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage combined single limit. Please upload your insurance certificates to the document tab at the time of submittal. Listing Atlanta Public Schools, 130 Trinity Ave. SW, Atlanta, GA. 30303 as the additionally insured.

    “If” you are a Non-profit status organization, you must provide an attached copy of your 501c3 paperwork in SchoolDude as an attachment. 

    Schools facilities shall not be leased to individuals.

    The School Calendar may not reflect all internal school events.

    The Community Calendar may not reflect all events as some requests are still pending approval.

    Payment Process:

    Invoices are generated after final approval. Payments are routed from the School Dude Portal to SchoolCashOnline for processing (3rd party vendor).

    Payments must be remitted upon invoice receipt - or venue rental will be denied.

    Payments are processed through an online payment portal only and there is a 4.95% non-refundable convenience fee applied to all payments. (Payment must be completed 72 hours in advance).

    Please ensure you are using GOOGLE CHROME to access the payment portal via SchoolCashOnline website.

    Effective March 1, 2019 - Property Management Office will no longer accept walk in/mailed in payments.   

    All payments will be routed through the electronic SchoolDude SchoolCashOnline payment process online only.

    Choose your Venue location:

    School Acreage, Area, Auditorium & Gymnasium Seating Capacity

    School address listing

    Fee Schedule For Use of Property 


    Notices will only be accepted through this website - business days, Monday - Friday., Time: 8 am-2:00 pm EST. Requestors must complete the Cancel Request form located under the Community Users portion of this page.

    Minimum 48 hours Cancellations must be made during business:  (Monday-Friday / 8 am-2:00 pm EST.)

    Minimum 48 hours (2 days) Notice to Cancel Security & All Required Staff Personnel

    Refund policies are as follows:

    72 hours (minimum 3 days) - 100% refund

    48 - 24 hours (2 days) - 75% - 50% refund

    Please note, refunds may take up to 30 days to process.

    Atlanta Public Schools System (APS) welcomes the use of our school facilities in concert with our vision of building community trust.  

    APS Property Management Office, Operations Division