Leadership and Administration

  • Facilities Administration and Management Department includes Property Management, Procurement/Contract Administration, Internal Finance and Energy and Environmental Management, as well as Special Projects.


    Herb C. Joseph                                                

    Director of Administration & Management                                                  

    (P) 404.802.3787                                                                                          

    (E) hcjoseph@atlanta.k12.ga.us                                                                  


    Facilities Capital Improvement and Construction Management Department handles capital improvements including, special construction programs, as well as school renovation projects and facilities planning.


    Jere Smith

    Director of Capital Improvements 

    (P) 404.802.3736

    (E) jersmith@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Ramona Bryant

    Administrative Assistant I

    Capital Improvements / Administration & Management 

    (P) 404.802.3762

    (E) bryantr@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Facilities Maintenance and Operations, General Services Department is primarily responsible for the overall operating condition of the physical plant including custodial services. The SRT Maintenance and Operations Managers are the primary points of contact and assign appropriate resources to maintain schools and facilities within the respective SRT’s. Facilities General Services Department is responsible for HVAC, lawn services, integrated pest management, refuse collection, surplus furniture removal, special event set-up, and roof maintenance. The SRT Maintenance & Operations Managers are the primary contacts and secure the support needed from the General Services Department.


    Robert Palmer

    Director of Maintenance & Operations and General Services

    (P) 404.802.3738

    (E) rcpalmer@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Tanya Cooper

    Administrative Assistant II

    Executive Director Office & Maintenance, General Services & Operations 

    (P) 404.802.3732

    (E) Tanya.Cooper@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Maintenance & Operations Managers 




    David Cooper

    Regional Maintenance Operations Manager

    (E) dacooper@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    (P) 404.802.7551

     Joshua Hale

    Regional Maintenance Operations Manager

    (E) Joshua.Hale@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    (P) 404.802.3680

     Rudy Parsons

    Regional Maintenance Operations Manager


    (P) 404.802.3758

    Custodial Services Elementary Schools (Douglas, Grady, Jackson, Washington) Elementary Schools (South Atlanta, Mays, Carver) 


    Joseph Doobay

    (P) 404.802.7577


     Michael Williams

    (P) 404.802.3746 

    (E) williamsmd@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    Omar Bailey


    (P) 404.802.3761

    (E) obailey@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Anthony Levell


    (P) 404.802.6562

    (E) antlevell@atlanta.k12.ga.us


      Erin Graham

     Administrative Clerk

     (P) 404.802.3807

    (E) erucker@atlanta.k12.ga.us


     Administrative Clerk

      Erin Graham

     Administrative Clerk

     (P) 404.802.3807

    (E) erucker@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    ff t    

    Lathornia Brooks

    Regional Maintenance Operations Manager

    (P) 404.802.5859

    (E) Lathornia.Brooks@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Brian Knowles

    Regional Maintenance Operations Manager 

    (P) 404.802.6563

    (E) Brian.Knowles1@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Roderick Rayner

    Manager HVAC Services 

    (P) 404.802.3757


    (E) rrayner@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    Elementary & High Schools

    (North Atlanta & Therrell)

    Warehouse Facilities Support   All Facilities HVAC Services

    Angelo Johnson 

    (P) 404.802.5858

    (E) angjohnson@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    Michael Mosley 

    (P) 404.8023755

    (E) mosleym@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Cavin Williams


    (P) 404.802.3763

    (E) Cavin.Williams@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Corey Blackshear


    (P) 404.802.3771

    (E) ckblackshear@atlanta.k12.ga.us


     Sylvia Sims

     Administrative Clerk

    (P) 404.802.5857

    (E) sesims@atlanta.k12.ga.us

     Brittany Glass

     Administrative Clerk

    (P) 404.802.3812

    (E) bglass@atlanta.k12.ga.us


    Kym Gilliard

    Administrative Clerk

    (P) 404.802.3789

    (E) Kym.Gilliard@apsk12.org