The Superintendent established the Budget and Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC) to provide guidance and counsel on matters of budget and finance.  The BFAC meets regularly with the Chief Financial Officer, or other members of the APS senior leadership as specific topics arise, and work alongside staff and others to provide input on tools and methodologies on how to best improve the district's budgeting process.  The administration has been repsonsive to BFAC's recommendations for greater cohesion and clarity.  The district's budget development has become an integrated process that aligns resource allocation with goals and priorities established through the development of a well-defined curriculum, and well-concieved executed strategic planning process.  
    There is a growing need for a broad base of representation in BFAC across all areas of the district.  Input of those closest to the day-to-day work is always valued and always wanted.  This is the team that starts the ground work for the annual budgeting process and with input at the start of the overall process will be a collaborative effort. 
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