• Employment and Experience Verification Request

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    Effective 6/16/2023, the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Human Resources Department will use Verifent to provide verification for mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes, and others who may need proof of your employment or income. The service is easy to use and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    APS’ Corporate Code is 4196EB.

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  • Requesting Student Loan Forgiveness


    To request verification of Student Loan Forgiveness forms with Atlanta Public Schools, submit your request via email to loanforgive@apsk12.org. Submissions will be returned to the requestor within 5-7 business days.



    Requesting Prior Years of Experience with APS


    We utilize Verifent to respond to Experience Verification requests to streamline responses and for data security purposes. To request an Experience Verification to be completed, please follow the steps below:


    Step 1: Visit Verifent

    1. Visit www.verifent.com. Click ‘Let’s Get Started Now’ > Choose ‘Employees’ > Click ‘Initiate Experience Verification’


    Step 2: Hiring School District

    1. Click ‘Choose a Hiring School District’
    2. Enter the Hiring District
      1. If your Hiring District does not drop down as you type, click ‘School District Not Found’, and select the State where your Hiring District is located (Go to Step 3)
    3. Toggle the button to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you want a completed form sent to your Hiring District.
    4. Click ‘Save Hiring District’
    5. Click ‘Continue’


    Step 3: Enter Your Information

    1. Choose forms to request
    2. Enter your information and click ‘I Agree’
    3. Click the link on the confirmation email


    Step 4: Former School District(s)

    1. Click ‘Enter ALL Former School Districts’
    2. Enter the Former District(s) from which you need an Experience Verification form.
      1. Select “Atlanta Public Schools - GA
      2. If your Former District(s) does not drop down as you type under ‘Former School District Lookup,’ click ‘Enter New District,’ and enter the information requested.
      3. **Note: Multiple Former Districts can be selected**
    3. Click ‘Close’ and ‘Next Step’


    Step 4: Choose ‘Free’ or ‘Premium’


    Verifent will notify you of the progress of your requests through email. If you have any questions, contact the Verifient Support Team at support@verifent.com.



    All experience verifications will provide information as of the date it is prepared. End dates are reported on or after the date the employee has officially separated. If your employment separation date has yet to occur, please wait until after your last day to make your request.


    NOTE: APS Charter Schools are separate entities and maintain their own employee records.  The Human Resources Department at Atlanta Public Schools is unable to provide any employment information for APS Charter Schools.  All current or former Charter School employees should contact the specific Charter School directly for employee records or information.


    All Other Employment Verification Request


    For all other employment verification requests, email experienceverifications@apsk12.org.  Submissions will be returned to the requestor.



    New to Atlanta Public Schools?

    (Incoming Experience Verifications for APS Salary Placement)


    New employees to Atlanta Public Schools must obtain Verification of Experience forms from their previous employers for salary placement.  Once an employee has gathered their documents, completed packets should be emailed to compensation@apsk12.org


    The Compensation Department will receive and review the verification packet, evaluate the documents submitted, process the salary adjustment (if applicable), and calculate the retroactive payment (if applicable).  Employees will receive an email with details once the forms are reviewed and processed.



    Click here to access the APS Compensation page.


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