• District 1:  Leslie Grant


    Grant Leslie Grant grew up just east of downtown Atlanta in Tucker, GA, graduated from Shamrock High School in DeKalb County, studied at: Berry College, Rome, GA as a charter member of the Chick-Fil-A WinShape Center scholarship program; Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec; the College of Architecture at The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA and The Cooper Union, New York, NY.  Leslie worked in the offices of John Portman & Associates, Atlanta, GA, and in New York City for Peter Eisenman and Associates, architect Faruk Yorgancioglu, and Flatiron District photographer, Alan Kaplan.

    Upon returning to Atlanta in 1993, Leslie worked in the commercial film industry as a location scout and location manager on various film and video projects including Bud Greenspan's Olympic Official Film in 1996.

    Leslie and her husband Don have lived in Historic Grant Park since 1995 and have two children, Lucy and Will who have attended Atlanta Public Schools since kindergarten. Leslie was involved in the startup of both the Neighborhood Charter School in Grant Park (now the K-8, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School) and the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool and has served on the boards of each school.

    Leslie founded, created and Mother-Hen’d a small business focused on raising healthy kids from scratch, that operated from 2007-2012 called Chickin Feed. She has volunteered in schools throughout Georgia, serve as an advocate of eating REAL FOOD, Farm to School programs through work with Georgia OrganicsAtlanta Farm to School, the Grant Park Farmers Market and other organizations. 

    In 2010, Leslie joined with a group of parents to advocate for a more rigorous high school offering for families in southeast Atlanta. This advocacy group, now known as SEACS (Southeast Atlanta Communities for Schools), builds awareness and educational community to better support all of the schools in SE Atlanta.

    Leslie’s service on the Atlanta Board of Education began in 2014 and continues today with additional service on the board of the Council of Great City Schools, the Audit Committee, the Atlanta Youth Commission, the Beltline Affordable Housing Advisory Board and the Student Attendance Protocol Committee. She currently works part-time at Emory University’s Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture.

    The Grants are long-time members of Morningside Presbyterian Church.