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    Hello Juniors c/o 2025
    Earn your required community service hours by signing up for THE 2024 Virginia-Highland SUMMERFEST
    Sign-up HERE

    Hello Juniors c/o 2025 ~
    Please complete this required college advisement questionnaire asap - see HERE
    One entry per student - DO NOT make multiple entries!
    The deadline is this Friday May 17


    Calling all families to join your graduate for Midtown High School's NEXT STEPS ceremony on Monday, May 20, 2024, 2-4pm in the Performance Gym at Midtown HS.


    Let’s celebrate the Class of 2024 accomplishments and future by wearing your graduates NEXT STEPS - school, job, military colors or t-shirt, scarf, etc. Be creative.  


    Our senior class SGA - Student Government Officers will be the hosts and MCs for the event.


    Doors will open at 1:45pm and the celebration will start promptly at 2:00pm.


    The seating will fill up quickly, so make sure you arrive at 1:45pm.


    Go Knights,

     Class of 2024!


    Hello Midtown's, 10-11th Grade Community ~
    Registration for the summer 2024 session with AVA (Atlanta Virtual Academy) part-time program began a few weeks ago Monday April 22 and will end on Wednesday May 29, 2024. 
    AVA's summer courses will begin Monday June 3 and finishes on Friday July 12.   
    For the many students who are interested in taking one and/or possibly even two classes virtually on the AVA platform during this upcoming summer semester, then you may want to proceed with this current application. 
    If you've already submitted your application - DO NOT make multiple applications!
    *WARNING​* This email is NOT for the students who are seeking to enroll in full-time virtual school during the 2024-25SY - that link is HERE and is a completely different process
    To submit your app for AVA's part-time summer session - Please Carefully read instructions below.
    Why would or should you take a virtual course through AVA's part-time program?
    • Reason #1 - You failed a course or courses from the previous semester or previous year, and you did not re-enroll in the course, nor did you enroll in any credit recovery program, and so now you are in need to recover the credit and/or redo the course(s). - This is CR or Credit Recovery
    • Reason #2 - You're on-track for graduation and you are simply seeking to get ahead in your credits. You're interested in taking a course or courses that you'd ordinarily take in the next school year. Therefore, when you take a course in this manner it allows you to advance and possibly graduate early. - This is IC or Initial Credit
    See HERE to submit your application.
    1. Once you are on the AVA application/registration website, the first page is general demographic information. Please appropriately complete this portion. Reach out to the counselors if you do not know your network ID or lunch number. 
    2. The second page is where you will select your course(s). You may select up to two, however, for students who need or are seeking to take only one course, you should select "No 2nd Course Needed".  When you're viewing the courses, you'll see the letters A and B are written at the end of each course. The letter "A" represents the 1st or fall semester's portion, and "B" is the 2nd or spring semester's portion. Then for the CR and IC, again remember the CR is credit recovery, while IC is initial creditKeep in mind that currently you are completing the 2nd semester, so if you're seeking to redo a course from this current spring 2024 semester, then be sure to select a course with a "B" immediately after the course name - make sense? 
    3. The website's third page - this is where you must select a date for your parent to attend a virtual orientation - May 9 or May 23 at 6pm. Make sure your parent is able to attend.
    4. Next just for FYI - bulleted below are your Midtown counselors. 
    • If you are a 10-12th grader with last names A-G, your counselor is Rucker, Katrina and her email is Katrina.rucker@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    • If you are a 10-12th grader with last names H-Pe, your counselor is Young, Lamar and his email is Ljyoung@atlanta.k12.ga.us 
    • If you are a 10-12th grader with last names Ph-Z, your counselor is Falcone, Chelsea and her email is Chelsea.falcone@atlanta.k12.ga.us 
    • All 9th graders, your counselor is Blevins-Pellechia, Tina and her email is Tblevins2@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    Ready to apply? Again, to access the application, see HERE 
    Once your application has been successfully submitted, it will be reviewed by your counselor, and if approved your counselor will provide you with your course(s) details on or before Monday June 3, 2024. Please do not email or call requesting a rush for this information as the approval process takes time as your transcript must be reviewed prior to counselors enrolling you into any of these virtual courses - and besides, no student will be granted access to any of these courses prior to Monday June 3, 2024. 
    Please carefully review  these dates bulleted below or see HERE for FAQ's~
    • Monday April 22, 2024 application opens for spring 2024
    • Wednesday May 29, 2024 all applications should be submitted 
    • Monday June 3, 2024 courses begin
    • Monday June 3, 2024 counselors should reach out to you with your course approval details so be sure to check your email that we (counselors) have on your file for you
    • Friday June 21, 2024 is the deadline for those who have two courses where the first course must be complete and for you to request activation of your second course
    • Friday June 28, 2024 is the deadline to drop any course(s) 
    • Friday July 12, 2024 all courses will end for 9-11th graders (seniors who seek to graduate this summer will be provided a different summer program called WINGS)