No Place for Hate

No Place For Hate
  • With public displays of hate on the rise, it is more important than ever for schools to commit to programs that clearly define expectations in behaviors for all members of the community.  Whether you are a student, educator or family member, we all have a role to play in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate. 

    No Place for Hate is a self-directed program helping all of the stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining school climate so all students can thrive.  To be designated No Place for Hate, SPARK had to complete the following:

    • Needs assessment
    • Formation of a No Place for Hate committee
    • Signing of the Resolution of Respect
    • One A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute anti-bias or bullying prevention training program
    • Design and implementation of three school-wide anti-bias or bullying prevention activities

    Upon completion of the required program components, SPARK received a No Place for Hate banner that is proudly displayed in the school. 

Last Modified on June 5, 2023