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    2019-2020 Hope-Hill Elementary School GO Team Information


    GO Team Members



     Email Address

     Maureen Wheeler

     Principal  mtwheeler@atlanta.k12.ga.us

     Vincent Callender



     Alex Wu 

     Vice-Chair & Cluster Rep


     Pamela Moss 



     Marcel Benoit



     Jeffery Monroe

     Staff Member


     Taurra Dorsey

     Staff Member


     Richard Bergman

     Community Member


     Debra Jones

     Community Member


     Huichuan Hodges

     Swing Seat




    Meeting Schedule




    Time for Public Comment

    (Yes or No)


     Media Center

     4:00 PM



     Media Center

     4:00 PM



     Media Center

     4:00 PM



    Postponed until   Feb. 26, 2020




     Media Center

     4:00 PM



    Cancelled due to COVID-19



    Cancelled due to COVID-19




     12:00 PM



    Meeting Documents

    Meeting Date


    Meeting Summary or Draft Minutes

    Meeting Minutes

    Documents Presented at Meeting

    Sept. 11, 2019

    9/11/2019 Agenda

    9/11/2019 Meeting Summary

     9/11/2019 Meeting Minutes


    Nov. 4, 2019

    11/4/2019 Agenda

    11/04/19 Meeting Summary

    11/04/19 Meeting Minutes 


    Jan. 28, 2020

    1/28/2020 Agenda 

    01/28/20 Meeting Summary 

    01/28/20 Meeting Minutes 


    Feb. 26, 2020

    02/26/2020 Agenda 02/26/2020 Meeting Summary 02/26/2020 Meeting Minutes


    May 20, 2020

    05/20/2020 Agenda

     05/20/2020 Meeting Summary  05/20/2020 Meeting Minutes  


    Public Comment Format

     Public comments will be held at the end of each meeting. Each person will have 2 minutes. 


    Strategic Plan


    Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

    Committee Name





    Family Engagement and Communication


























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