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    I am Ms. Brown, the School Social Worker at Phoenix Academy.  This school year is my fifth year as a Social Worker with Atlanta Public Schools!  Amazing how fast time goes when you are having fun! I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a graduate of University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  I am currently pursuing my Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

    Over the past 20 years as a Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and gained experience from all of them.  It is part of my nature to care, empower, and motivate others, helping to make their lives better and happier.  I continue to enjoy working with students in developing healthy relationships that allow them to be successful in the classroom.  

    As the School Social Worker, I collaborate with community agencies on behalf of students and their families in building healthy connections to resources available within their community and beyond, when needed.  My goal is to make sure students and their families have access to resources that will benefit them in school and in society.  I am here as a resource, so please, contact me with any questions or concerns.

Randstad/HireHope Training Program

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    “This program transforms lives and has an immediate positive impact on the communities we serve. It provides opportunities to empower women who have overcome tremendous odds to gain transferable skills and earn a living wage.”
    — Audra Jenkins, chief diversity & inclusion officer, Randstad North America


    Randstad offers the Hire Hope Program for women who are looking for the opportunity to receive training, paid apprenticeship, and job placement. 

    The program seeks to assist those where the largest impact can be made, survivors of trafficking, homelessness, and domestic violence.

    It is a 35 week program, that spans across 3 different phases, Restore, Grow and Thrive.  Restore sessions last 12 weeks and is unpaid (participants meet 10 hours per week on Thursday and Friday).  Grow sessions begin after Restore and lasts for approx. 23 weeks)

    The program is free to those individuals who meet the following basic qualifications:

    • women between the ages of 18-40
    • must have a GED/High School Diploma
    • pass background check (including drug screening)

    At Randstad, we are able to offer the following through the Hire Hope program:

    • career readiness training on soft skills and business acumen
    • opportunity to share their journey during executive presentations
    • paid apprenticeship working with Randstad client accounts
    • round-robin interviews and placement opportunities


    We are hosting a women’s virtual career-readiness event!

    Do you know any women in transitional housing, aging out of foster care, graduating high school, earning a GED, or looking for entry level opportunities to gain valuable skills and earn a living wage?


    This is an opportunity to gain a FREE 12-week career readiness course, PAID apprenticeships post-course completion, and the potential to work for big-name employers!


    Seize your moment!

    Registration is required to attend. Please use the link below to register:


    Hire Hope Registration Link


    This virtual career fair event will have two dates and times that you can choose from:


    January 13, 2021 at 9 am




    January 21, 2021 at 12 pm


    For questions, please e-mail cmg-hirehope@randstadusa.com


  • The Feeling of Nostalgia

    Posted by Regene Mckinney on 8/24/2020

    The Feeling of Nostalgia…

    Time for Fun!

    Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many schools across the United States have switched to an online school platform, including Atlanta Public Schools.  As a parent, you are probably asking yourself, after finishing the online school work with my child, now what? Atlanta Public Schools and the School Social Workers that support students and their families want to lend a helping hand with tips on making this time with your children and family more supportable and exciting for everyone in your household.

    Prior to social media and cellular phones, children were forced to create fun free fun things to do in the house and outside.  As we all practice social distancing, this is the time we all can introduce new fun ideas to our children that many of us grew up playing.  Can you think of two games you played as a child with your siblings, relatives, or friends?  Does thinking back give you a feeling of nostalgia? 


    Memory Game

    Memory Game.  You’re probably wondering, what if my children range in ages?  Well, that’s perfectly fine.  Games for all ages consist of a deck of cards and play “Old Maid”.  This game simply builds memory for your child in which all cards are face down and each player take a turn where they have to identify the mate.  If they do not identify the mate then they must place the cards back face down and the next person goes.  The cycle is repeated until someone gets a mate.  Once that person gets a mate, they keep the mate and continue.  When they miss, the next person goes and the cycle continues.  At the end of the game, the person with the most mates wins the game.  Sounds like fun, right? 



    Concentration Game.  Another game that sure to be a hit among young people is the game of “Tic Tac Toe”!  Growing up, there was a favorite pastimes for many children.  This game builds concentration for your child.  The only thing required to play is two players alternate marking empty squares, a piece a paper, and a pen, pencil, or crayon.  The rules includes the first player marking Xs and the second player marking Os.  The first player who places three of the same marks in a row wins the game.  If all the spaces fill and no one wins, then the game ends in a draw. 


    Simon Says

    Following Direction Games.  A really cool game growing up that taught children to follow directions was “Follow the Leader” and “Simon Says”. If you remember “Follow the Leader” then you can recall all the fun young and older children had.  Follow the leader involves a leader being in the head of the line.  Everyone else lines up behind the leader.  Once everyone is in line, the leader moves around and everyone else in line have to mimic or follow the leader’s actions.  Anyone in line who does not follow the leader or does what the leader does is out until the last person.  The game is then started over with the winner of the previous game being the new leader.  

    On the other hand, Simon Say requires everyone to obey the commands of the words, “Simon Says”. For instance, if Simon says, Jump up and down, then players much jump up and down. But if Simon simply say, touch your nose, without first saying “Simon says,” players must not touch their nose.  Those that touch their noses are out until only one player remains.  Beware, this game can get really loud because of all the fun everyone is having.

    Other games/activities to consider while at home with your children are:

    1. Read or act out a favorite book children’s book.
    2. Put on a fashion show by letting your children raid everyone closets in the home.
    3. Have a movie night with popcorn!
    4. Play 21 questions game specific to your household.
    5. Have a Karaoke Concert or lip sync battle with everyone singing their favorite song.
    6. Challenge each other to a game of charade.

    This is a difficult and challenging period for everyone but we all know it won’t last forever.  But understand, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have precious family time with our children which will allow everyone to connect and bond on a deeper level. 

    It will interesting to know which games/activities you did with your children and any games/activities you enjoyed yourself when you were a child.  Please feel free to send me a message of any indoor games or activities you do as a family.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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