Federal Programs Consultation Follow-Up Traditional Schools

  • Can you split-fund for salary? If yes, what is the process?

  • What is the process for hiring/using an independent contractor?

  • What facilities (HVAC) upgrades/repairs are allowable?

  • If there is a funding loss, can I offset w/ CARES?

  • Can you purchase computers for teachers/students?

  • Can we use stipends to support Summer Academy staff?

  • Can schools hire a Clinical Therapist? Should it be an independent contract or salary position? What is the process for adding this to the budget?

  • How are meals covered for afterschool/enrichment programs?

  • What are the transportation rates? What is the process for using CARES II for transportation?

  • When will the activity codes for CARES II go live?

  • Outside of the $90k, can the remaining funds be spent retroactively (reimbursed)?

  • What remediation/intervention platforms is the district purchasing?

  • Is technology repair/maintenance allowable? Is the increase/upgrade of technology available?

  • What is the inventory process for items purchased with CARES II?

  • What object code should be used for desks?

  • Questions to consider to determine allowability:

    1. Will the proposed use of funds "prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus?"

    2. Is it an allowable use of funds under the CARES Act?

    3. Is it reasonable and necessary?

    4. Does it promote equity?

    5. Does it support returning students to the classroom? If the answer to any of these is no, consider using other sources of funding.