• Student Support Directory  2022-23


    Betsy Bockman    (10th-12th H-K)                               404-802-3008         bbockman@apsk12.org                      C210                      


    Assistant Principals

    Melissa Davis           (10th-12th A-G)                                   802-3033          mldavis@apsk12.org                           E207      

    Carrie MacBrien     (10th-12th L-O)                                     802-3015          cmacbrien@apsk12.org                     C326      

    Rodney Howard   (10th-12th P-Z)                                        802-3010          rdhoward@apsk12.org                       C101      

    TBD                                                                                          802-3061                                                                              C420

    Willie Vincent    (9th grade students)                                 802-3007          wmvincent@apsk12.org                     B108                                                      


    Counselors + Student Support Hub

    Shannon Hoch, Clerk                                                            802-3048           shannon.hoch@apsk12.org               A233

    Katrina Rucker, counselor (10th-12th A-F)                         802-3052           katrina.rucker@apsk12.org               A223

    Lamar Young, counselor  (10th-12th G-M)                         802-3019           ljyoung@apsk12.org                           A229

    Chelsea Falcone, counselor (10th-12th N-Z)                      802-3018           chelsea.falcone@apsk12.org            A225

    Tina Pellechia, counselor (9th grade)                                  802-3020           tblevins2@apsk12.org                        A231

    Trish Maxwell, 504/SST coordinator                                   802-3039           patricia.maxwell@apsk12.org           A237

    Kristin Robinson, Graduation Coach                                   802-3023           kristin.robinson@apsk12.org            A113

    Cheryl Nahmias, Student Care Liaison                               802-3031            cheryl.nahmias@apsk12.org             A239

    Tanya Crawford, Behavior Specialist                                   802-3081           ttcrawford@apsk12.org                     A239

    Adelia Johnson, School Social Worker                                802-3016           adelia.johnson@apsk12.org              C217

    Autem Clay, Disproportionality Specialist                          802-3075            autem.clay@apsk12.org                     E213


    CHRIS 180 Support

    Deborah Burden                                                                     802-3014             debra.burden@chris180.org            A304


    Academic/Career Support

    Jessica (Chiddister) Johnson, Sp. Ed. Lead                         802-3065              jessica.chiddeste@apsk12.org          C308

    Martha Jones, CTI/DSE                                                          802-3044              mnjones@apsk12.org                         E218      

    Brent Eickhoff, Work Force Ready                                                                      brent.eickhoff@apsk12.org               E116

    College & Career Center (CCC)                                             802-3049                                                                              A230

    College Advisors:                                                                    802-3079                                                                              A230

            Arpita Gaggar & Samantha Collier


    Cheldia Fairley, Clerk                                                             802-3011               cfairley@apsk12.org                           C100

    David Hosking, School Psychologist                                    802-3040              dhosking@apsk12.org                        C114

    Nydia Rivera, Bilingual Specialist                                         802-3028              nydia.rivera@apsk12.org                   C111


    School Nurse

    Wanda Taylor                                                                          802-3013              wanda.taylor@apsk12.org                 C108


    School Resource Officers

    Officer W. Barr                                                                        802-3027              willette.barr@apsk12.org                  A215

    Officer D. Hammond                                                             802-3062              derrick.hammond@apsk12.org        C102

    Officer A. Harmon                                                                  802-3066              ajani.harmon@apsk12.org T005      


    These faculty members all have specific titles, but their job is to help students.  Any of these Midtown faculty members can, and will, help any student at any time.  If you are unsure of who to go to for a question, problem, concern, start with your school counselor or Ms. Hoch or Ms. Fairley.  We are here to help!