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    At Jeans Child Young Middle School we are creating a movement to fulfill our vision and mission of being a model school that prepares students to become college and career ready in order to be equipped academically and technologically to compete in a global world.  It is our commitment to every child to provide rigorous instruction in a safe and nurturing learning environment. 

    At Jean Childs Young Middle School, every child WILL achieve!

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Jean Childs Young

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    It is imperative that we promote a comfortable and welcoming environment in which our students and teachers feel safe, respected and competent.

    Overall, students are doing great with adhering to 
    the“Big 4” : 
    1. Wear uniform daily
    2. No  profanity
    3. No fighting
    4. Be respectful to everyone. 

    If you have a concern regarding your child's attendance, grades, performance or discipline, please communicate with the teacher first and then with the administration.  Teachers are more than willing to speak and conference with you.

    Together, we can make a difference, and I hope this school year will be the beginning of a new journey for Jean Childs Young Middle as we work togther on REBUILDING THE LEGACY!