• Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School
    An International Baccalaureate World School

    Principal: Dr. Dante Edwards 

    About Our School

    Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School was established in 1960. The school is working towards offering every student the opportunity for intellectual and personal growth. Through active engagement in dialogues and interactions, students are encouraged to develop academic leadership, values, morals, tolerance, personal responsibility, and an appreciation for the diversity within both the school and society. Daily we strive to nurture and challenge students. We expect our graduates to be prepared to meet the world of the twenty-first century as global citizens with a solid education and a strong sense of values and self-respect.

    This institution is proudly named after Daniel McLaughlin Therrell.

    Photo of  Daniel McLaughlin Therrell wearing a suit

    Daniel McLaughlin Therrell was born on September 18, 1868, in Bennettsville, South Carolina. He married Marie McKay Gates on 29 October 1890 in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Soon after, they became the parents of 4 sons and 2 daughters. He lived in Atlanta and was initially a special agent for the Southern Bell and Telegraph Company. Most notably, he was a member of the Atlanta Board of Education. His initial service with the school board began in January 1924 and ended four years later. In a second term, Therrell rejoined the school board in January 1934 and served until 1936.  Amazingly, his longest term with the district was from January 1940 until his final year of service in 1953.  Mr. Therrell worked diligently and faithfully for the welfare of the children and teachers of the Atlanta Public School System. Several bond issues were passed during his time with the district, and he is most often remembered for his hard work which wasn’t for personal gain or glory. Daniel McLaughlin Therrell saw a need and was genuinely concerned that Atlanta provide adequately for the educational needs of its youth.


    Mr. Therrell was recognized, not only as an educator, but also as a valuable citizen in many fields. Board members and Board employees alike appreciated him as a writer, an inventor, and a business executive.  However, he’s remembered most often for his frequent demonstration of the qualities associated with true friendship.


    Colors: Red and Black

    School Mascot: Panther




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