School Counseling Department

    The School Counseling Department serve students utilizing a Grade Level & Alphabet Surname Model.  The Alphabet Surname Model allow school counselors to serve students across grade levels based on their surname; permitting counselors to serve a caseload of students as they matriculate through high school.

    School Counseling at D.M. Therrell High School

    The main aspects of our school counseling program include: individual student planning/counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, parent consultations and teacher consultations. We will be visiting classrooms to conduct classroom guidance on a variety of topics from stress management to graduation requirements. Parents, please encourage your student to see us about individual and group counseling opportunities. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns regarding your student's success at D.M. Therrell High School.


    School Counseling Mission Statement

    To empower all learners to lead quality lives in the present and future by facilitating opportunities for the development of positive self-image, strong career awareness, social and academic learning skills.


    Statement Philiosphy


    It is only with assistance in their development, especially when faced with environmental challenges such as poverty, crime and violence characteristic of the urban setting that can we foster the love of learning while meeting the challenges of the future with an unwavering commitment to our students.

    Through a comprehensive developmental counseling program students will become equipped with the tools they will need to solve problems, set and achieve goals, direct change, and become fully functioning members of society.


    A-D - Tamolyn Johnson-Galloway

    E-J - Raquel Jones

    K-R - Yolonda Jones,

    S-Z - Ebony Lumpkin


    MS. R. JONES

    EMAIL: @atlanta.k12.ga.us

    PHONE: 404-802-5300



    EMAIL: @atlanta.k12.ga.us

    PHONE: 404-802-5300




    EMAIL: ymjones@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    PHONE: 404-802-5370




    EMAIL: tjgalloway@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    PHONE: 404-802-5313