• Individuals and Societies


    The Individuals and Societies department works to mirror the goals of the IB program to encourage students to be global-minded learners dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone. As social studies teachers, our goal is to help our students learn how to make informed decisions that better society.


    In 9th grade American Government, students learn about different government structures and how the US government is run. Students will discover what influenced the establishment of our government and how our government has evolved over time. By the end of the semester course, students will know the branches of government, the rights that all Americans have that are protected by the US Constitution, and the importance of civic involvement.


    As 10th graders, students will take either World History or AP World History to explore history beyond the borders of the United States. Students will learn about different cultures. From Mesopotamia to the Ottoman Empire, classes will examine how different individuals and societies lived and evolved over time.


    During their junior year, 11th grade scholars will dive deeper into an examination of their own American History. Students will take either US History, which is a milestone tested subject and a graduation requirement, or IB History of the Americas. In US History, students will learn how the country developed from 13 colonies to a global superpower, while IB History of the Americas offers a more global perspective looking at the development of North, South, and Central American countries.


    In their 12th grade year, seniors take Personal Finance and Economics, preparing them for their own futures through the development of financial skills. Students will learn about macro and microeconomics, but they will also learn more practical information, such as how to manage a budget, how to build credit, and how to protect themselves financially. Students also have the opportunity to take IB Economics, providing a more in depth look at the economy of a constantly changing world.


    On Monday, September 11, 2023, 11th and 12th graders will participate in the Delivering Democracy Tour, a pep rally style event hosted here at Therrell High School! In order to attend, students must complete a waiver: https://app.waiversign.com/e/645164538fa85200184928ab/doc/64c88b458f5c300012520d61?eventName=D.M.%20Therrell%20High%20School%20-%20Delivering%20Democracy%20Tour&eventDate=2023-09-11T23:59:59.999Z