• Notice to Community 4-27-23


    Greetings Therrell community.

    This evening you may see a media report about an unfortunate physical altercation involving a small number of students that occurred in our cafeteria on Tuesday. This incident is the result of an ongoing conflict between students who were friends earlier this school year. Throughout the year, we have implemented several steps to help these specific students learn how to deal with conflict management including:

    • Restorative practices

    • Group conferences that include invitations for parents and students to be involved

    • Community partners that provided social-emotional services

    However, without any known provocation, these students decided to engage in a physical altercation that disrupted the learning environment of our scholars. All known parties have received consequences ranging from short-term suspensions to long-term suspensions with recommendations for alternative school placement. Additionally, we are continuing to investigate this incident, and we have identified additional students who made a poor choice to participate in the negativity rather than seeking assistance from adults as we have stated in our See Something Say Something campaign. Those students are subject to disciplinary action as well. Despite the appearance of this incident, know that we are a safe school where the majority of our students come and do what is expected of them daily. The most recent examples of this include:

    • Several of our scholar-athletes qualified to participate in the state track meet.

    • Numerous other scholars participated in our annual Spring Arts Festival which included our band, chorus, Panther Radio, and visual arts.

    • 25 of our scholars earned qualifying scores on the Armed Service Vocational Battery (ASVB) which serves as the military entrance exam.

    • Earlier this month, several Panther scholars took the district’s End of Pathway Assessments in a wide array of career areas, which upon passing provides industry certification that will allow them to enter the work force fully qualified upon graduation.

    Over 90% of our scholars enrolled in CTAE pathways have received this designation. Please know that our team of dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff members remains committed to providing a safe and welcoming instructional environment for all scholars and employees. Going forward, there will be an increased adult presence during arrival, dismissal, lunch, and transitions between classes. I ask that you continue to support our total school community by alerting us of any community conflict that could impact the safety and learning environment of Therrell High School. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Dante Edwards, Ph. D. Principal Therrell High School