• Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School
    An International Baccalaureate World School


    About Our School

    Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School was established in 1960.                                                                



    Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is working towards offering every student the opportunity for intellectual and personal growth. Through active engagement in dialogues and interactions, students are encouraged to develop academic leadership, values, morals, tolerance, personal responsibility, and an appreciation for the diversity within both the school and society. Daily we strive to nurture and challenge students. We expect our graduates to be prepared to meet the world of the twenty-first century as global citizens with a solid education and a strong sense of values and self-respect.


    School Vision & Mission

    Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is committed to instilling hope through maximizing the potential of every student by increasing academic rigor, instructional relevance and nurturing meaningful relationships to prepare students for a diverse and changing world.


    Through rigorous and relevant instruction, we will create an environment that fosters pride in self, school and community, reinforces love for life-long learning and encourages students to realize their college and career goals.


    Red and Black


    School Mascot

     Gym Panther

    Alma Mater
    Hail to thee, dear Therrell High;
    Black and red we wear with pride.
    Hail to thee, dear Panther Crew;
    Honor and respect to you.
    We're believing and achieving,
    Striving hard to reach the top.
    We will praise thee forever more!
    Therrell High, we do love you so.


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