• Welcome to Therrell High Media Center

    The Media Center is excited to have students, staff, and parents of Therrell High.

    We are located on the 2nd floor of the A Building, room 206.

    Media Specialist: Dr. Nicole Taylor

    Media Para: Brandon Ogletree

    Phone Numbers: 5334 front desk; 5305 office phone

    Twitter: @doctayt

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    Goals of the Media Center from the AASL Standards

    It is our goal to care for, assist and support all students, faculty, and staff. Our number one goal is to increase literacy, teach technology and research skills, and promote independent free choice reading. We want our scholars to become savvy users of information in all formats. We are here to support and increase reading, while building stronger readers. We want our college-bound scholars to become lifelong learners and look forward to a bright future.


    The following skills are supported by Integrated Frameworks of the AASL standards:


    1.Inquire-build knowledge by inquiring, thinking critically, identifying problems, and developing strategies for solving problems.

    Leading learners and staff through the research process. Assisting in assessing the inquiry-based research process.


    2.Include- demonstrating an understanding of and commitment to inclusiveness and respect for diversity. Creating an atmosphere in which learners feel empowered and interactions are learner-initiated.


    3.Collaborate-work effectively with others to broaden perspectives and work toward common goals. Modeling the use of a variety of communication tools and resources. Stimulating learners to actively contribute to group discussions.


    4.Curate-make meaning for oneself and others by collecting, organizing, and sharing resources of personal relevance. Facilitating opportunities to access and evaluate collaboratively constructed information sites. Sharing a variety of sources.


    5.Explore-discover and innovate in a growth mindset developed through experience and reflection. Fostering an atmosphere in which constructive feedback is openly accepted for positive growth. Teaching problem solving through cycles of design, implementation, and reflection.


    6.Engage-demonstrate safe, legal, and ethical creating and sharing of knowledge products independently while engaging in a community of practice and an interconnected world. Championing and modeling safe, responsible, ethical, and legal information behaviors. Guiding the dissemination of new knowledge through means appropriate for the intended audience.


    Mission of Media Center

    Therrell's mission is to challenge students to believe in the unseen while increasing the students' ability to read, think, achieve, and build in the 21st Century. We hope to instill a love for reading and promote critical thinking that will lead to productive citizens now and in the future.

    Services offered

    School Website Support

    Printing and Creating Posters

    Reading: Race2Read, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl,

    Research Support: Classes, Individuals

    Writing Support: Classes, Individuals

    Design & Creativity: Cricut 101, Coding for Beginners


Phone: 404-802-5334


Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Nicole Taylor, Media Specialist

The Library Media Center serves as the hub of instruction. It is an integral support component of the total educational program as a resource center, a learning laboratory, a teaching agency, a service agency, a guidance agency, as well as a center for reading, viewing and listening with learning as our first priority.

Open Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 3:45 pm




Phone: 404-802-5334


Degrees and Certifications:

Brandon Ogletree, Media Technology Para

Coordinates student technology for THS. 

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2023 Summer Reading List
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