• Making Your College List

    There are some 4,000 institutions of higher learning in this country. Even if you don't have all A's or haven't been a top athlete or have below average test scores, you have a lot of choices. While there are a few high-profile schools that reject all but a handful of their applicants, there are many, many schools (great schools) that will want you and will allow you to thrive! Approach this process with excitement, not anxiety. 
    But how do you decide which of those 4,000 schools to apply to? Begin by browsing college websites and looking through books like the Fiske Guide in the CCC. Think about what size school you'd like (large public school or small liberal arts), the setting (urban, rural, suburban), the location (northeast, west coast, etc), what type of major you might like to pursue, and what type of student body you'd like to be a part of (social activists, scientific researchers, etc). Are sports important to you? Greek life? Arts? Single-gender? Pet-friendly? (Yeah, that's a thing). There are websites that will generate lists of schools that fit your profile.
    Schools on your list will fall into three basic categories: 
    Reach School: This is a school where your class rank, GPA, or test scores might be below or barely within the mid-range for their admitted student profile. Reach schools are often highly competitive and admit a low percentage of students who apply (<30%).  
    Probable School: This is a realistic choice based upon your grades and GPA. These choices should be colleges where you would be happy and where your GPA and test scores fall within their mid-range of admitted students. 
    Foundation or Safety School: You GPA and test scores are higher than the mid-range for their admitted students. This should also be a school that you know you can afford, making it a financial safety as well. 
    The Grady CCC and Grady counselors encourage every Grady student to select at least one in-state option as a financial safety school. Strong academic students (3.2 GPA or above) should also consider an honors program within a Georgia school to make sure they have a backup they feel good about.

    Use this form to compile your list of schools: Worksheet for Reach, Target and Safety Schools