• Making Your College List
    There are some 4,000 institutions of higher learning in this country. You don't have to be a top student or athlete to have a lot of choices. You may hear a lot about a few high-profile schools that reject all but a handful of applicants, but many great schools will welcome you!
    How do you narrow it down and create your list? It takes just a few steps:
    1) Figure out what you want in a college (size, location, majors, Greek life, arts, academic pressure, etc.)
    2) Make a list of schools that offer what you want
    3) Research those schools and narrow down your list
    4) Organize
    Click on the link "What do you want in a college" for more details.
    Here's a link to a helpful CCC handout on Making Your College List.
    Remember to include some schools from each of these categories:
    Reach or Dream School: A school where your class rank, GPA, or test scores might be below or barely within the mid-range for their admitted student profile. Reach schools are often highly competitive and admit a low percentage of students who apply (<30%).  
    Probable, Likely, or Fit School: A realistic choice based on your grades and GPA. These choices should be colleges where you would be happy and where your GPA and test scores fall within their mid-range of admitted students. 
    Foundation or Safety School: You GPA and test scores are higher than the mid-range for their admitted students. This should also be a school that you know you can afford, making it a financial safety as well. 
    The Midtown High School CCC and counselors encourage every Midtown student to select at least one in-state option as a financial safety school. Strong academic students (3.2 GPA or above) should also consider an honors program at a Georgia school to make sure they have a backup they feel good about.